aaaanndd because I feel like it….

Casual outfits for going out, but could also incorporate this to wear to work (minus the skinny jeans, but turn those into pants and you’re set!)

Top: Mexx
Necklace: Forever 21. Seriously gals, you need to get some jewelry here. This place is crazy cheap. I think this necklace was something like four bucks. It’s so pretty too right? I get compliments on it… so I must be doing something right.
Belt: American Eagle circa 2003 or something ridiculous. I always forget I have belts… so they don’t get used much.
Jeans: A recent purchase from H&M. These skinnies cost a mere $25. Not bad not bad, for some nice bum jeans.
Flip flops: Abercrombie, but switched to Aldo flats.
Paired with my yellow Nine West purse purchased from Winners, ages ago…

Didn’t notice that I owned so many things from Mexx. That top was on sale towards the end of last summer for $14.99 – killah deal… or an appropriate price for a cotton tee, don’t you think.

I wore brown flats with this outfit and could have easily pulled off heels. However, I feel as though I need to invest in some new heels. The one’s that I have seem outdated and not really me anymore. Maybe I should snap a photo.

Alright, see? Okay so the patent leather peep (ALDO) is always a nice fav, but I rarely wear these.

I was bored waiting for the Boyf to get ready (who ever said it takes girls longer to get ready? Pshhh, they were ruhhh-ung wrong…)

Next outfit. Going out outfit! Casual enough for work, but dandy enough to wear out for dinner and drinks with friends. You can see where I purchased everything because I wore it on Tuesday’s OOTD post, I did wear this on Tuesday and went out with some friends. Can you spot me? Tee hee.

It’s another beautiful day out today, and I just took Alfie on what seemed like the longest walk in history. Apparently we only walked 5.42km’s (it took about an hour and a half. A stroll shall we day).

What did you do today? Buy anything at local fresh markets, or go on a stroll with your puppy or friends? Let me know! :) Have a great Saturday all.

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  1. What a fun night….looks like a fun group! I am so bad about wearing different shoes…I always wear flip flops…my favorite ones are the brown ones I got from Aldo and I literally wear them all the time!!

  2. Nice shoe collection. And nice necklace too. I’ve been reading so many blogs about F21 jewelry and now I want to buy some! LOL Although I have no idea where I’m going to wear the stuff as I’m a work from home woman.

    As for what I did today – tried to clean the house for a World Cup Soccer party we’re having tomorrow and hubby repainting our 2nd floor washroom while I keep the 2 year old entertained. The life of a suburban parent ;)

  3. Do you need some black heels? Is that what you’re saying? LOL…if so. These are the best–Nine West Nuncio ( because the heel is not too high (I initially typed hell…which is what heels can feel like sometimes haha). Currently in transit to me is my 4th or 5th pair? Not like I have 4 of the same shoe…but I wear the heck out of them and have to replace them. I need auto delivery, haha. They’re awesome and very comfortable. My only complaint is that they give me smelly feet, haha.

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