Dry Brushing Your Body

Do I really believe the whole hoop-lah that dry brushing eliminates toxins from your body? That it gets rid of cellulite? Stimulates and boost circulation?


Not sure, really.

But I do believe it’s an excellent way to exfoliate the entire body into having smoother skin.

Sure I have those exfoliating mitts in my shower, even a loofa. But back in August, after finally having it in the back of my head to buy one for a few years, I picked up a dry brush at World Market for $4.99.

I recall the instructions after reading about it a bunch of times, to stand in your shower/tub area with dry skin, your dry brush, and no water running on you….go to town working upwards in a circular motion (why upwards, and circular? I have no idea really but that’s what I read so that’s what I did) to exfoliate all the dead skin cells off. Sloth’em all off into the shower.

Dry brush, shower, shave, dry off, moisturize. Not that complicated.

While I thought it was due time to finally dry-brush after I noticed the skin on my legs looking a little older than I wanted them too (kinda dry, kinda crepey), I decided to start.

My skin was looking dull, especially my legs.

A little rundown on my skin: It’s sorta sensitive. I still get hives, daily, after 3+ years. I occasionally have eczema flare ups, and my skin is most definitely dehydrated and dry. So I used a lighter hand than probably necessary the first time. Similar to using an exfoliating mitts, loofa, pumice stone etc. Don’t press too hard or you’ll hurt yourself b’y. Jeeze.

Some say to dry brush your skin daily, twice a day, or just 1-3x per week. I’m pretty sure you know your skin best, so use your own judgement on that. Personally I am not dedicated enough (yet) to strip down and dry brush my entire body at dawn and dusk. A few times a week is all I can, and want to commit.

After all was complete I turned the shower on, showered as I normally would, and shaved. Perhaps my skin was overdue for an exfoliation, but I did like the outcome of how my skin felt, and a few bumps on the back of my calf where I cross my legs seemed to have gotten less noticeable. I’ve been dry brushing for a few weeks, and I have to say I like how nice my skin feels!

I don’t want to make this an 900 word essay about such a simple subject so I’ll leave it at that. I enjoyed it, and my skin is silkier than before.

Will I keep this up, or will it be just an exciting new hyped up product for me for a month or two…I guess only time will tell. If I become addicted, I’ll be sure to blare it from my Instagram stories.

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