I am SO bored, on a Saturday night. I don’t feel like going anywhere to do something. So I’m staying home and takin’er easy for tonight. Last night was a little crazy. Such a long day, since I had school and woke up at 7:00am. Anyway, got my drink on last night and headed downtown to watch the Ian Foster Band play. I also have a video of the Ian Foster Band playing [click to watch] – please right click and save as!! There’s also a video of me and some friends, priming up at Mayo’s house, just chillin. [view that vid, here]. I woke up at around 3pm today. Latest I’ve slept in, in months. I love it, it’s so great. But, i’ve been zonked the whole day. Not really hung over, just tired I think from being awake so long last night. I ate breakfast at some 24hr cafe downtown with my buds, and came home around 4am. I didn’t have a headache when I woke up (jealous? ♥) haha. I went bouldering this afternoon – mistake! I felt weak. So I didn’t stay very long. Came home, and uploaded the ton of photos from last night. YAY. Anyway..not much else to say really. Lata!

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