Children of Men movie: Graphic. Intense. Violent.

I update regularly if I think of it. Like right now, while I’m sitting up in bed, running out of sites to surf on the internet. I don’t think many people read this site like they used to. My “numbers” have gone down drastically. Perhaps it’s because I haven’t kept it up regularly since I moved to Ontario. Who knows. All I know is that I give my website out to a lot more people than I used to, that also could be a reason why I don’t open up and type most my thoughts on here, like I did in the past. However, that’s nothing to worry about now.

Scott and I saw Children of Men last night in the theatres. Graphic. Intense. Violent. Hard to explain, but it almost might be one of my favorite movies (even though I didn’t quite get the plot, until Scott had to explain it – stupid me). I didn’t think I’d like it though. Clive Owen is aweeeeeeeesome. I suggest you check out the trailer, if nothing else.

I’ve decided to use Oil of Olay regenerist on my face, lately (I used to think it was old lady face cream). Ontario’s weather has totally torn my face apart. It used to be so dry and flaky right before Christmas. So, with some Christmas money that I recieved, I went out and bought a little bottle of it. Works alright, I’m still a little bit red and splotchy in places, but I’m not as dry! Using it twice a day, I assume it takes a while to kick-in and do stuff. Crossing fingers.

Good night friends!

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