A new addition to my watch collection

I feel so lucky to be able to have a blog where I can review products and brands I’m passionate and enthusiastic about. I mean, if you’re not convinced by a product or item’s value, your post won’t portray it either.

This is why I reach out to my favourite companies more than I let them come to me. Don’t be passive. If  you want to work on something, ask to work on it.  The worst someone can say is no. Also, stay positive. Sometimes all you need to get your foot in the door is a good attitude.

I know I’ve stated before that you should let companies find you and have a ton of patience. Well, sometimes you do have to work for it, as it won’t always fall into your lap at the perfect time. For instance, I’m still in awe that I get to work with Fossil Canada, and since that took a lot of persistence, I did get my foot in the door and established a wonderful relationship (both professional and personal) with the women there. Everything takes time and effort. It’s all a process on how well you connect and interact with various people.

I didn’t realize I was such a huge fan of watches until I started noticing the growing collection on my dresser. This watch I received from The Watch Co, is no different. In fact, in 2012 Fossil purchased Skagen and some of its partners. Let’s sing it: “It’s a small world, after all.“Guess I have a love for all things Fossil related. Fossil watches still ranks #1 to me though :)


A new addition to my watch collection. The Skagen ceramic. skagen-ceramic-watch-in-box

I research my watches to an abnormal amount of time before deciding on a final product.  I saw the ceramic Skagen watches for the first time on a popular blog a number of years ago, and it just always stuck out to me. At the time being a newly hired designer at a job, it was out of my price range at $225. However now that I think of it, it’s quite an affordable watch

When I contacted The Watch Co for my second review I knew exactly what to pick out. Initially I went for the same style Skagen watch but in black. Unfortunately it was out of stock. Even after receiving the crisp white watch, I contemplated just buying the black one until my Boyfriend (and I quote) “You have a nice white one now.  No need to get carried away.  :)”. True enough. Having two white watches (Fossil Stella, and Skagen ceramic) and then two more black one’s (I have a Fossil Stella in black) would be getting a little carried away. You can see my watch collection here.

Skagen-watch-boxThe box that the Skagen watch came in was well designed and packaged. As a Graphic Designer, I can appreciate the thought process that comes into creating a showcase to present the product. The watch itself was settled into a plush leather pillow which was perfectly secure in the box.

Skagen-007I love larger watch faces on my small wrists. The ceramic band makes wearing it carefree and luxurious, and it won’t break the bank like some of the more expensive versions (Michele, Rado, or Armani to name a few).

The Skagen, I want to say is a more sophisticated version of the Fossil Stella I own. While the Fossil watch is fun and playful, the Skagen has an up scale design with a low profile, as it doesn’t lift off the wrist very high. I didn’t notice that it was on and I kept having to check my wrist to see if it was still there. I ended up having 6 links removed from the watch in order to have the perfect fit on my toddler sized wrist. Skagen-Instagram4

Ceramic material is used in all sorts of ways, these days. That’s not to say that your ceramic watch is going to be completely durable. Some of the materials used in ceramic watches are brittle. You can certainly wear it on a daily basis, but you need to exercise caution. The watch can shatter or crack if hit against a hard surface. The links are replaceable, so it’s not the end of the world if one gets damaged.

This is the first ceramic watch I’ve owned. Now, there’s pro’s and con’s to owning ceramic watches which I didn’t realize until the woman at the watch repair shop removing the links, mentioned to me.

  1. Do not put your watch on your wrist with tiled floors below you. If you’re clumsy like me, and drop the watch it will shatter.
  2. Ceramic is highly scratch resistant. Great if you plan on wearing it on a daily basis.
  3. Ceramic is incredibly shiny and very durable. Yes, ceramic jewellery is very long lasting.
  4. Although ceramic is strong and scratch-resistant, it can chip. So store it on its own in your jewellery box or watch box.

Do you wear a watch on a daily basis? I don’t always, but most days I do.

What is your favourite accessory? Mine are watches and bracelets!

Have you seen my how to style/care for watches post?

Or how about my watch collection.

I did receive this watch in exchange for posting a review of The Watch Co. on my website. While the product was free of charge, the opinions, as always are 100% my own.

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  1. I wear a watch everyday since getting my first fossil watch. Since then i have gotten 2 more and feel naked without my watch on. I would still have to say that my favorite accessory are my earings, because my watch is now more of a need than an accessory. When I first saw your skagen i had to look it up. I love how clean and fresh it looks. I think that a ceramic watch will be the next one i get for sure!
    Great review and advice!
    Nikki recently posted..52 Reasons (#2)My Profile

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