The TWO YEAR MARK at CrossFit!

I haven’t been going to CrossFit on a regular basis lately. Once a week is all I’ve mustered up in February. Perhaps it was the February Blues, or whatever excuse I may come up with — it was just a break and I didn’t mind it. As long as I keep going back, right?

My first receipt from CrossFit: February 24, 2011. Meaning…I passed the TWO YEAR MARK at CrossFit on February 24. I’m pretty proud of that!CrossFit-Anniversary

Last week I headed in on Thursday and did this WOD:


year 1, week 52, day one

 CrossFit WODFor the low bar back squats I worked my way up to 85lbs and found it easier than doing regular back squats with that accumulated weight. Nicely done.

The WOD was 6 rounds of:

  • 1 minute on: 4 power cleans (I used 85lbs)
  • 1 minute on: max rep burpees.

Thankfully I completed the 4 power cleans each time. Though by the end of it, it was getting difficult. Get that butt back in time for the drop down to catch the weight! Oof. As for the burpee’s I was proud of my number on that too:

Round 1: 14 burpees
Round 2: 11 burpees
Round 3: 11 burpees
Round 4: 10 burpees
Round 5: 9 burpees
Round 6: 10 burpees


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