Meet Alfie

We got a puppy over the weekend!!

He’s 100% Pomeranian. Someone bought him as a Christmas present for their daughter, who turned out to be allergic to the dog. We went for a two hour drive (one way!) almost to London to pick him up. He’s got the sweetest little face but this morning is when he got a bit rambunctious and starting biting more, and harder — we put an end to that pretty quickly. If you don’t play nice, you’re not getting played with for a few minutes! haha.

alfie3Saturday: Being a good little guy on his bed. I’m glad I gave him this red blanket — he seems to really love cuddling up to it.

alfie1Sunday night: Him sleeping in awkward positions.

alfie2Sunday night: Takin’er easy

You can’t really tell how small he is in the photos  because he’s a little squirt of a thing weighing (estimating) 2-3lbs, so I posted a video of him somewhat listening to my commands. He’s a pretty quick learner at 10 weeks of age, he learned how to “sit”, “come”, “no” (which we use a lot), “potty” (we’re paper training him), and “good boy” — where he gets super hyper if you tell him that. I want to teach him to “stay” next, and maybe play dead or roll over. He catches onto things so quickly and he loves praise, so I’m trying to teach him all this stuff as soon as possible.

It’s so weird having a miniature dog. I’m so used to having big dogs, the size of labs – and they eat so much. So when we went to Petcetera to get him some food the woman told me to feed him 1/4cup of food a day. No, not a 1/4cup of food each time he eats. We have to divide that up three times! Wowzahs.

That pretty much sums up my weekend. The days seem SO long now that we wake up in the middle of the night to take him to potty, give him a treat, then the other person wakes up at 6:30/7:00 to spend the morning with him til we’re ready to go to work. Exhausting little guy!

Don’t forget to enter the Cover Your Hair contest, it closes tomorrow night.

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  1. Wellcome to the new member of the family!!!!!. It must be so nice to hug Alfie!!! I hope you will never transport him in a handbag as Ms.Hilton does.

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