Things I noticed while home

  • People stare a lot here. Since living in Ontario, I just find that nobody really looks people in the eye when they’re running around doing errands. But in Newfoundland — they stared at you like they were trying to figure out if they knew who you were. It weirded me out for the first few days I was out and about.
  • WHY do people wear pyjamas outside of their homes! It was super annoying and disgusting to look at. Especially the women who were in their forties wearing rotted ol’ pajama shorts in the grocery store…AND AT THE MALLS. Get dressed you lazy fools.
  • I hate the wind. That’s one of the reasons why it’d be hard for me to move back here. I have to brush my hair all the time here!
  • That being said. I miss my social life back in Newfoundland. As soon as I stepped off the plane I knew someone who was working with Westjet, and had a chat. Waiting for my luggage… had a chat with my high school buddies father. I love knowing people, but at the same time — it gets old and I sometimes want to go to the grocery store, looking nasty and grungy (although, no wearing my pj’s) without bumping into someone.
  • People in St. John’s are obsessed with Bench clothing. I loved it a few years ago when I went to Ireland and found some “new clothing”, til I came home and saw that every damn store carries the exact same jackets.
  • I also noticed we’ve gotten a few new stores in the mall (Urban Planet, Aeropostale, and RW&Co.). Aero is a youth / teen store. I saw a lot of adults wear those clothes while home. Which is cool — it’s just funny how different the provinces are from each other).
  • I actually bought a sweater dress. From Ardene! Who knew they sold clothes!!<
  • We didn’t have a white Christmas, but that was fine with me — I was so happy to be home
  • I brought back my external hard drive that my mom got me for my Bday back in May and filled it up with more movies that my Mom downloaded lol. AWESOME.
  • Found out that Caramex lip balms are actually sold in Canada.  I e-mailed them once, asking if they sold products here and they didn’t. Liars. Lawtons Drugs sells them!
  • Orange tanned skin seems to be the “in” thing here.

Okay some of these points aren’t things I noticed but just random stuff from being home.

For those who are asking — Alfie’s doing great. His mental capacity is insane with holding information at such a young age. We’re bringing him to the vet tomorrow after work so he can get the rest of his shots and it’ll be safe for him to go outside and play. Shortly after that we’re going to bring him to obedience classes, which I know he’ll catch on very quickly to, because he loves being praised when he excels. Then once he passes that, get him involved with Agility. You know… like obstacle courses for dogs where they run around and have fun? Those crazy things. Exciting huh!!? :)

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  1. I love Carmex lip balm! They sell it in SDM, Rexall/Pharma Plus, all the grocery stores etc. Every so often they have an awesome deal on it at SDM. Something like $1.49 for a pot or tube of it. I’m completely surprised that you haven’t seen it in Ontario before now.

    P.S. Love the blog! I came to it from Smart Canucks and not it is one of my daily reads

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