The linen closet makeover

Yeah, check that out.

Our linen closet was getting out of control and I wanted to take everything all out and give it a good haulin over.

It was in much need of repair.

Scott always asked me where his new contact lenses were, or where a toothpaste was. While I knew where everything was, he didn’t. It was too cluttered and so today I emptied out the entire closet. Okay, minus the top shelf where the guest blankets and sheets were.

I laid out everything on our bed and sorted through stuff. I ended up tossing out two grocery bags full of garbage.

Here is the after version.

I know you can’t see much since the lighting was off, so I’ll post some more photos below.

Side by side, first ;)

I know it’s not the best before and after, but I’m a hoarder when it comes to towels. Seriously, we have an abundance of them. We don’t use regular sized bath towels for drying off int he shower. I only use the best. Bath sheets. They’re like the size of a bathrobe once wrapped around you. Incredibly cozy, and makes it so much nicer getting out of a hot shower.

Yay for getting things accomplished!

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  1. There is definitely a difference! I bet it’s so much nicer to get things out of!

    I need to do this with my horribly cluttered kitchen pantry.

  2. Just a thought, but using bigger towels is much less energy efficient. It pretty much doubles your towel washing if you go from a normal / small-medium towel to a bath sheet.

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