Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve had my eye on Courtney’s Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies for a while, and last weekend I finally got around to making them.

While the idea behind the cookie sounded great, and the batter tasted even better. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the finished product.

The recipe called for a little bit more sugar than I am used to. I do like the recipe, and I like how moist and chewy the inside is, I’ll just definitely be using ½ cup sugar next time, instead of the full 1 cup. We could literally feel the granules of sugar on our teeth when we were eating them. Even when I used the electric mixer. I’m not trashing her cookies, because they were amazing. Just too sweet for our liking.

It’ll also be posted on my recipe page, once I tweak the recipe a tad! Don’t worry, I will still link back to her original recipe.

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