Pinterest cracks me up!

Look at some of the gems I’ve found on Pinterest (follow me?)

Comma, comma, comma, comma, comma, chameleon. HA! (Also blogged here)

Fun fact: I dressed up as Steve Urkle for a skit in Grade 5, while my classmate was the girlfriend. We did a mini-skit in front of the whole school. “Did iiiiii do thaaaaat”. That’s all I remember. lol. P.S. Hipsters annoy me. They’re trying too hard!


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How I plan my outfits…

Each Sunday for almost two yeas I’ve been planning my outfit of the work week (OOTWW) clothes, taking a photo each morning and publishing them on the blog on Fridays.

How do I pick out my clothes? Some ask me. Here is what I do. There’s two steps to this. 1-6, and then paragraph below that one. Inspiration from others.

1. Start off with your base. That could either be shoes, pants, or your top. I usually start with my pants. I don’t like to wear out my pants so I try to only wear them once.

2. If you started off like me and picked out your pants, pick out a top to go with it. It could be a blouse, a knitted sweater, or could be a tank or a tee.

3. Layer it. Either add cardigans like you see I’ve done above, or if you’re not feeling the cardi, accessorize with a scarf.

4. Time for the fun part — accessorizing! Pick out jewelry, bracelets, belts, earrings and scarves. This is the time I also pick out shoes to wear with my outfits. Have fun with it.

I usually accessorize with necklaces since they don’t get in the way of me working. I get annoyed with bracelets, and rings too — when I wash my hands. I keep my necklaces in the bathroom!

My shoe rack :) I have a question for the ladies. What do you put in the inside of your boots to keep them upright?

5. Finish your outfit with undies and a bra, socks too if need be, and you’re done!

I put all the outfits on hangers, and put them aside. Reason you can’t see the pants is that they’re underneath the tops!

Next tip is looking through magazines, blogs and photos for inspiration.

I found this image on someone’s blog (I forget who, sorry!). A ton of people have put their Polyvore outfits on their blogs. Pinterest is a good spot to find outfit ideas as well.

As you can see, I pretty much tried to copy the entire outfit.

That my friends, is how I plan my outfits!

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How I Style…

Hopefully by now you’re getting used to the Tuesday feature “How I Style…”. Today I’ll be wearing one of my few boldly colored cardigans. The teal cardi!

I have a few favorites. Two of them are in the top row: 1,3 and the other favorite is in the bottom row, the one where I”m wearing a skirt. I don’t feel very diverse wearing this cardigan. I need to spruce it up and wear some other bold colors with it!

What do you think? What would you pair up together with this teal cardigan?

Our apartment is such a mess right now, since I’ve been doing nothing for the past 3-4 weeks but AGM stuff. I need to hire something like durham maid service to come clean!

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