Learn how to cook

So far so good, right?

I’m all ready to go to work. I have packed a lunch for the boyf and I, now I’m just waiting on him as we conveniently work about a 10 minute walk from one another, so I drop him off in the mornings.

I don’t eat breakfast at home, I bring in a bunch of stuff to snack on throughout the day. For instance today I packed a banana, an apple, a nature valley bar, trail mix, a can of diet caffeine free coke (mmm!), and a frozen dinner (panini!)… oh, and a pack of gum. Definitely a must-have.

I’m doing this so I don’t have any empty stomach and head on over to the cafe right next door. In fact, the cafe’s bakery oven is on the wall that my back faces at work. So it’s nice astovetopnd toasty in my little cube area for a bit of the day. But at the same time, sometimes the scents that travel into there are pretty nasty. Most days it’s mouth watery bread cooking coming from the baker. But one day last week, they must have had someone new cooking. Because all I could smell was something burning.

It’s Monday, and Monday’s hate me. So my luck is going to be burnt scents coming from there today.

Gotta go! We’re ready to roll out the door. Have a great Monday everyone.

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