Watch out, the duvet will suck you in

There’s nothing better than getting into a freshly laundered bed.

Too bad you can’t see how comfy and cozy the white blanket at the base of the bed is. Even though we don’t sleep with the two velvety plush soo cozy grey pillows in the back, nor the yellow one in the front — I still like to have our bed made, warm, and inviting.

During the summer, we don’t have a duvet on the bed at all. Just a top sheet as it’s really hot in our apartment. Unfortunately the boyfriend doesn’t lke the noise of the air conditioner (which is in our bedroom) so we never sleep with it on.

This is our fall set-up for the bed. It’s my favorite time because it’s the nicest set up we have. The duvet is too small for the double sized bed, I had brought it with me when I moved to Ontario and I was sleeping in a single sized bed.

During the winter our duvet is a queen! lol I bought it extra huge just so we could all stay comfortable and not fight for the blankets in the night. Maybe I’ll take a photo of that once the weather turns nasty cold! :)

Large pillows | grey pillow cases | duvet cover | ofelia throw | yellow pillow was purchased about 7 years ago at a closing store sale (in fact, it was Chris’, from Steve & Chris, Mother’s store — which closed. ) Chris is also a Newfie, don’tcha know. I should’ve purchased two but I was cheap at the time.

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Nutella Chocolate Chip Cookies

I’ve had my eye on Courtney’s Nutella Chocolate Chip cookies for a while, and last weekend I finally got around to making them.

While the idea behind the cookie sounded great, and the batter tasted even better. Unfortunately, I didn’t really like the finished product.

The recipe called for a little bit more sugar than I am used to. I do like the recipe, and I like how moist and chewy the inside is, I’ll just definitely be using ½ cup sugar next time, instead of the full 1 cup. We could literally feel the granules of sugar on our teeth when we were eating them. Even when I used the electric mixer. I’m not trashing her cookies, because they were amazing. Just too sweet for our liking.

It’ll also be posted on my recipe page, once I tweak the recipe a tad! Don’t worry, I will still link back to her original recipe.

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