The new way to crimp!

It’s going to take a bit of practice for me to figure out how to use the 3 barrel waving iron I got from Flat Iron Experts. I first saw this interesting mechanism that resembled an old school crimping iron, on a YouTube video a year or so ago. But waves! Waves are so much better than eighties crimped hair, right? Though, I’m pretty gimpy when it comes to my hair and styling it. The only way I can make it look nice, is if I blow dry it straight with a boar bristle brush.

I’ve been growing out my hair since what seems like 2005. I don’t go into get my hair trimmed every 8-10 weeks, but now 10-12 weeks. I’m seeing a lot of growth happening. Finally. Once my hair gets down to mid-upper-arm (does that make sense?) it’ll be so fun to play around with hair styles. Like using the waving iron, a curling iron or even do some curls with the regular straightener.

But for now, I give you my best effort and this is how the 3 barrel wave iron looks like when I style it on myself.

This is NOT finished. I took a photo half way through. I just had the top layer to yet style. But so far, so good? The right hand side is complete.

A sneak peak of the side view.

I’ve seen girls with long hair, whether they have extensions in — I’m not sure. But people have made this gorgeous hair style with the waving iron.Almost like loose beachy waves have been achieved. Check out this image I’ve found on Pinterest, where the girl said she used a 3 barrel waving iron.


Pretty, right? Hers definitely looks better than mine did when I finished. I think it’s because of the length of my hair. It makes it shorten up, obviously. Which makes it more poofy. 

If you’re interested in purchasing it, cconveniently enough it’s on sale for $99.00 here.

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How I Style…

Well, National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo for short) is on its last week and a  half, and I’m still going strong with all of my posts.

Hope you enjoyed last weeks first edition of How I Style: Yellow Cardigans. This week I’ll be showing you how I’ve styled my white cardigan’s for the past year and a half.

There’s a ton of outfits I really don’t like in this one. But there’s a few that stand out to me. I like paring it with the white flowy top (as you can see in the top row of photos). Which white cardigan outfit is your favorite? I think mine is in the bottom row, the second photo in, where I’m wearing it with a grey dress, belt and scarf. Kinda cozy looking! I may re-create that semi-differently for Fall!

Week 1

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