Calgary apartments

Tons of people I know have been moving out of Newfoundland, and even out of Ontario to move out west. More specifically they’re looking for Calgary apartments for rent.  I do understand the need for the move. My Brother just took a job in Alberta on the rigs to help out his family back home. Plus, the cost of living is much less expensive than where I live in South Western Ontario.

I bet it’s going to be incredibly chilly come the winter time in Calgary. I’ve heard it gets worse than Ontario’s nose-hair freezing cold.

Have you ever been to Calgary during the colder months? Actually, in fact I haven’t even been to Calgary at all, during any time of year. When my Boyfriend does his Ironman Triathlons we usually fly into British Columbia and then explore Alberta there after, we’ve went to Jasper, Edmonton and Banff. We’ve never made it as far as Calgary, but I know people who live there and perhaps in 2012 we’ll make it down to the city.

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Parm balls

Say wha?

Parm balls! They’re so delicious. They’re cheesy goodness wrapped up in chicken and covered with panko crumbs. Want to know how to make it? Keep reading!

Rather than me typing it all out (and I may put it up on my recipe page), here is the photocopied recipe for the parm balls. I grabbed it from a Campbell’s cook book at work!

Just a note. I wasn’t a huge fan of the spaghetti sauce on the top of the parm balls. Plus, I’m not sure if rice was the right side to add with it. What would you have put with the parm balls?

This one below kinda looks tasty as well!

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My CrossFit Journal (week 39)


Week 39 Day 1.

Floor Press (8×2)

This one was difficult for me. My upper body still feels a ton more weak than my lower body. I did end up making it to 65lbs though.

The warmup was crazaay…

(Hey it’s me!)

30 box jumps (I used 20″)
20 more box jumps starting from the top and bouncing off the floor quickly (I ended up going down to 16″)

Then the second part of the warmup was an AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) in 12 minutes:

  • 3 burpees
  • 6 standing rows HP (35lbs) — the photo shown in this one is wrong, sorry. You just stand up straight, and bring your hands to your chest, with the weight. Make sense? Working your outer shoulders.
  • 9 overhead situps with a kettle bell (I used 12kg for the first round, then dropped to 8kg)
  • 12 double unders // or 36 regular skips.

I was DYING at 3 minutes in. I don’t know how many rounds I ended up doing but it was more than 3 or 4.


Week 39 Day 2.


Deadlift; 185/155lbs
Burpee Box Jumps; 20/16″

*30 seconds L-Sit

Notice for the burpee box jumps: Jump on top of the box. Jump off the box and do a pushup. Jump back on the box, etc. Everytime there is a “star” you do the 30 second L sit. It goes something like this: 15 deadlifts, 15 burpee box jumps, 30 second hold. 12 deadlifts, 12 burpees, 30 second hold.

I don’t think I’ve ever had my hair soaked after a workout before. It was insane! I completed my WOD in 18:20. Note, I cannot L-Sit with my legs extended, I’m there in the fetal position with my feet under my butt, lol. Extended is way hard! For the deadlifts I did 115lbs! Isn’t that insane? That used to be my “max” lifting capabilities. Now I can probably lift up a truck and do an rv repair. Well, obviously that’s an exaggeration.


[older crossfit journal entries]

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