My watch collection

my-watch-collectionI admit, I do have a bit of a problem when it comes to buying watches. It’s all justified though, especially since I wear the heck out of all of them in just the run of a week. I like to call it more of a collection than a  problem though.

I’ve been trying to come up with ways to store my watches other than on my dresser all sprawled out. Recently, I have been browsing eBay for watch holders like the one below.


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I’ve been debating buying one on the left. But they’re made of velvety material and I feel like having them on display not only takes up a ton of space on top of the dresser but being that it’s velvet, it’s a huge dust collector.

However after searching more into it you can also buy acrylic holders. I don’t love the look of them, which is why I haven’t purchased it yet. What do you guys think? I also hope that one would be enough due to the large amount of watches I have.

My grand collection of Women’s watches I’ve accumulated throughout the years.  my-watchesTop row: Skagen Ceramic Watch which was kindly sent to me for review from The Watch Co., and the gold clunker is my Michael Kors look-a-like that I bought on eBay last summer.
Bottom row: All of my favorite Fossil Stella watches! The brown stainless steel one was sent to me last summer. The other two are made of resin material and I bought those in 2009.

You’ll notice one of my watches are missing. It’s the Fossil Heather watch I received from my friends at Fossil late summer. I ended up giving that one to my Mom when I flew home over Thanksgiving. She loves it and it totally suits her!

I have three other watches I wear too. Talk about a collection hey?

my-older-watchesL-R: Timex sports watch, Nixon leather strap watch, and a coconut watch I got for Christmas this year.

I only wear the timex one if I’m heading out for a run. My Nixon watch brings back so many memories. It’s the first watch I remember purchasing, I got it at a skate shop in 2003 back home in Newfoundland and I wore the heck out of it. The leather strap is almost worn away on the backside.

I plan on doing a full review on the Skagen watch that I received, as well as another blog post on how to style watches. Because certain watches definitely won’t work with certain outfits.

Do you collect anything?

Do you wear a watch on a regular basis?

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  1. wowza, that’s a lot of watches. I have 1 watch that I wear daily. It’ a now faded pinky/white baby G watch. It’s the 3rd watch I’ve owned and I’ve had it for about 7 years. lol

    Nancy says: Omg! I had a Baby-G watch, and I totally forgot they existed! I bought mine in England in 1998. Crazy! Thanks for the memory hahaha…

    Erica recently posted..Comment on January 2013 Goal Recap by NancyMy Profile

  2. I’m looking around for an acrylic holder too! But mainly for my bracelets… I have way too many :P

    As for watches, I normally only ever have one at a time. Right now, I have a Michael Kors one in rose gold (Christmas gift). I LOVE a good watch though… I’m ALWAYS looking at the time lol.

    Nancy says: I was thinking afterwards, that the watches would probably face downwards on those holders and it would be better off for bracelets. Either way, they’re very inexpensive from eBay. Let me know if you buy one!

  3. From one watch LOVER to another… you can never have too many! they are accessories, as much as bracelets are. with the added bonus that you can tell the time. LOL.
    My favorite of yours is either your Skagen, or your Chocolate brown Fossil. I cant decide.

    Cant wait for ” How to style watches”…

  4. I adore Fossil watches too! A rose gold one is next on my list.

    Micheals (the craft store) has a TON of jewelry holders for bracelets and necklaces like the ones pictured above. Check them out before you order one from eBay.

    Nancy says: Oh the one’s at Michael’s are absolutely over-priced. I’ve seen them there and around locally. But eBay so far, seems to be the least expensive spot to buy them from.

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