My CrossFit Journal (week 17)


Week 17 Day 1.


I felt very tired and not sore, but more achy and I felt as if I could barely do the thrusters with 55lbs. I did round one with 21 thrusters, then my coach took off 20lbs (sad day) and put back on 10, so I ended up lifting 45lbs for the rest of the workout. I also had to use double-bands with my pullups. I specifically didn’t go to CrossFit for four days to rest my legs — my upper quads are tired. Perhaps it’s the 4 days on, 3 days off in a row.Oh well, back at it tomorrow!

At the end of the workout I felt like this. It’s funny because it’s definitely not unusual to see everyone flaked out on the floor after a workout. This is a regular occurrence!



Week 17 Day 2.

Hang Clean

We had to see what our max hang clean was. I ended up doing a couple of each until I hit 75lbs. Then I hit 80lbs “no problem”. I hit 85lbs and couldn’t seem to get it. For the last 20-25 minutes of class I couldn’t do it. My coach said that I was getting it up very high. He was confident that if I could get my arms up to my chest with the bar, that I could just “drop fast” and get it. I tried that – and I flipping GOT IT. Are you kidding me! Awesome. Now, my max hang clean is at 85lbs! Insane!!

The warm up was pretty sick too. AMRAP in ten minutes.

I ended up doing 5 and 2/3rds, I was starting my toe to bar leg raises just as the ten minute timer went off. Still pretty good!


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