Totally random, but necessary

When I think of Adirondack chairs I don’t think of the one’s shown above. In Ontario they call them Muskoka chairs. I’m not sure if my parents or whoever in Newfoundland refers to them differently. But whenever I hear that term I think of the zero-gravity chairs that my Boyfriend REALLY wants.See below? We’ve seen them everywhere lately – Canadian Tire, Walmart… wherever. They’re kind of neat to sit in, actually. Much more comfortable than the hammock.

We like relaxing on our balcony, and even though it’s fair size, there definitely isn’t room for more furniture outside. Currently we have a hammock, and a table set outside where we usually eat our supper together if it’s warm out.

Just because I feel photo friendly today here’s a photo of our “bistro” set from last summer. :)

Cute, right? The place mats are from the dollar store! Supper, courtesy of moi. Duh.

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  1. I love your little bistro set! I want to get one for our patio but just never want to spend the $, haha. I hopped over to your blog to say, I just put some St. Tropez on my face and I’m PRAYING I don’t wake up looking ridiculous tomorrow! Fingers crossed hehe

    Nancy says: We ended up getting ours for “free” using the grocery store points we built up over time by shopping at a certain chain.

  2. I Love the zero gravity chairs my step dad has one and they are great!! But would I spend the money, I don’t think so

    Nancy says: You gotta keep an eye out for some great sales. Maybe we’ll end up picking one out at the end of the summer, or something!

  3. My mom has that anti-gravity chair and says it does wonders for her arthritis. It’s funny to see her in it though lol

    Happy belated anniversary!

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