Have you guys read the next new hit series of Vampire books that are out on the shelves? To celebrate the release of P.C and Kristin Cast’s latest novel in the House of Night series, ‘Burned’ they’re giving you guys (and well, me too of course) a trailer plus a free song download and the first chapter for you guys. Just a teaser, hey?

Burned is the seventh book in the House of Night series. I know it’s going to become alarmingly popular with the teens and even people in their twenties like myself! I know I love a good read, I don’t even care if it’s directed at younger audiences.

I don’t want to spoil anything for you guys if you haven’t started reading any of them but I wanted to tell you a bit about the (New York Times) best selling books.

It’s about a 16 year old girl named Zoey Redbird who gets bitten by a vampire and begins to transform into a vampire herself. She has to leave her family in Oklahoma and move into the “House of Night”, which is a boarding school for other fledgling vampires like her! However, she finds it difficult being apart from her friends and family and apparently she is no average vampire. She has been marked as a special by the vampire goddess. Just like other popular books, it’s hard to fit in when everyone knows you have special powers.

Burned House of Night P.C. & Kristin Cast

Isn’t that book cover just perfect? You can download the Burned song free over there, and have a sneak peak and read the first chapter!! Buy the book and you’ll see how Zoey tries to make new friends and maybe find a hot boyfriend or two.

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  1. I was at chapters the other day looking for books. I read the youth ones and I was shocked at how many vampire type books there are. I dont know how ppl keep them all straight.

  2. I just saw those books the other day and was wondering about them. I just finished the Twilight series and so now I am definitely on a vampire kick!

  3. I’m sure you’ve seen my tweets, but I am OBSESSED w/this series. Bought Burned the day it came on the shelf (yesterday). I will be finished w/it once I have the time tonight. It’s the best one out of the series yet! Every book gets better. I do love my Twilight, but this series is better. The story goes beyond 2 characters. LOVE LOVE LOVE it!!!! It’s very hard for me to start a book and actually finish it. I have to be completely into it. These I can’t put down once I pick them up.

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