My new tattoo

It’s time to do some laundry tonight. Sometimes I let it pile up and take up all of the washers available in our apartment complex.

It’s funny, because we usually only have athletic wear and towels to wash mostly. I know when I run out of my favorite workout tops from Under Armour, MPG Sport, and Lululemon, it’s time to do laundry. I need my favorite items to work out in!

workout-clothesHey. Gotta have some visual interest in a blog post, right? :)

The boyf is training very hard for his upcoming Ironman in Mont Tremblant in August, so he’s going through laundry like it’s a hot potato. Sorry, couldn’t think of a better description than that. It’s incredible the work outs he puts in. For instance on Saturday & Sunday he ran 20km, Monday he biked 210km, Tuesday he ran 32 at a “slow” pace of what my fast pace is: 5:15min/km’s. Ya. His slow runs are my going full-tilt so that’s why we don’t train together ;) I don’t want to feel like I’m slowing him down even though he’s always up for going out on a run with me regardless of the speed.

CrossFit WodsI’m taking the night off CrossFit. I’ll be going 4x this week (Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri) and tonight I’m going to do a little work out at home from my iPad.

chatelaine all star movesI downloaded the Chatelaine 10-minute fitness app. I’ve been using it for a few days but tomorrow I’ll let you know how it all works.

I’ve been going to my pedicure lady for the past few years and last weekend she had a going away party since her family is moving to Cambodia, where I got this new tattoo of mine. Don’t freak out Mom and Dad – it’s fake. Who would’ve guessed? It’s a stencil which she painted body glue on, then brushed glitter of my choice. It won’t budge. It’s been on since the weekend.

fish tattooI thought it was “just a fish” until I was told it was finding nemo. Oops. I’ve never seen the movie, can you believe it?

I sure will miss that sweet Sophie. I get regular pedicures in the summer because even though I rarely I don’t wear opened toed shoes often because I’m cold pretty much constantly. I do like to have my feet pretty. Especially now that I have had a black toe nail RIGHT before summer started, and this happened last year as well. What luck, huh? Especially it being on my big honkin’ toe, too. TMI for you all? Sorry!

I’m out! Have a good night all.

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