Celebrity Crushes

As a kid there weren’t photos of my favorite singer, or actor on my walls. In fact, it was advertisements and “cool” images from magazines. I’ve never really given much thought to having a celebrity crush. Only for the fact that it would be so rare to meet them in person. That and I’m probably only basing my crush on their looks, fashion or acting skills. But! A few coworkers and I had a conversation about who we thought were super hunky in Hollywood so I thought I’d also write a little blog post about it too.

It’s not like I MUST see a movie they’re in. But here we go, my celebrity crushes. Male and female.

James Franco.
James Franco

Jason Statham.Jason Statham
Jennifer Anniston.Jennifer Aniston Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Alessandra Ambrosio.Alessandra Ambrosio

Who are your celeb crushes?

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  1. You’ve got a similar sort of look and vibe to Jen!

    I like Dominic West, Idris Elba and Aaron Paul right now. I swooned when Aaron replied to a tweet of mine haha. Serious crushes!

  2. Jenson Ackles from Supernatural .. hubba hubba
    Shemar Moore from Criminal Minds … Swoon Save me Derek Morgan.
    Sung Kang from Fast and Furious … I want to drift with him.. haha

    As for females

    Vanessa Marcil from General Hospital … If I could look like anyone I would love to look like her. She is gorgeous.

    I loved Courtney Cox but whomever is doing the botched face work in hollywood did the same thing to Meg Ryan. When Courtney was in the 2nd to last season of Friends during the time of the proposal with Chandler, she never looked so breath taking.

    I use to love love love David Boreanaz from Buffy the Vampire Slayer til I found out he cheated on his wife and now I threw away my dvd’s. haha
    Candi recently posted..Across the pondMy Profile

  3. I was one of those kids that plastered her walls with posters of celebrities. Today I have celeb crushes on Ryan Gosling, Joshua Jackson, and Jason Mraz but posters are no longer a part of the decor. Oh, and I want to be friends with Emma Stone :)

  4. I love Natalie Portman, Adriana Lima and Rachel McAdams… I can’t think of anyone else offhand.
    Jared Padalecki is pretty great too.

  5. @Jaz: That’s probably the best compliment ever. LOVE Jennifer A. I have a similar look/vibe? Awesome! :)

    I had to google all three men! lol

    Dominic West – cute man (in some pics).
    Idris Elba – I can see why you think he’s hunky.
    Aaron Paul – omg no.
    Nancy recently posted..Celebrity CrushesMy Profile

  6. haha he’s finnish and super deep i love him. i also have to add 2 more

    Jared Padalecki from supernatural
    Matthew Gray Gubler from Criminal Minds (swoooooooooon)

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