Celebrity Crushes

As a kid there weren’t photos of my favorite singer, or actor on my walls. In fact, it was advertisements and “cool” images from magazines. I’ve never really given much thought to having a celebrity crush. Only for the fact that it would be so rare to meet them in person. That and I’m probably only basing my crush on their looks, fashion or acting skills. But! A few coworkers and I had a conversation about who we thought were super hunky in Hollywood so I thought I’d also write a little blog post about it too.

It’s not like I MUST see a movie they’re in. But here we go, my celebrity crushes. Male and female.

James Franco.
James Franco

Jason Statham.Jason Statham
Jennifer Anniston.Jennifer Aniston Honored On The Hollywood Walk Of Fame
Alessandra Ambrosio.Alessandra Ambrosio

Who are your celeb crushes?

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