5 day visit

Hiyas! I’m back home. I was in Ontario, visiting Scott for 5 days. Each trip keeps getting a whole lot better than the last one.  hee hee. I always have a great time with him. However, we are just like any other normal couple, it’s not always fries and gravy. :P Anyway – I took some pictures while I was up there. I only put a few online though. You can find them, if you click on the Gallery link. I’ve got windburn on my lips, from skiing – Blistex to the rescue!! I need to buy some more. I have the blue kind, and it tastes really nasty. Green is my main choice. So, Neil over there, is setting up wordpress for me, so that I can update my site a whole lot easier, rather than what I’m doing now – through Dreamweaver. Thanks bud! I’ll be back and updating regularly, shortly. Stay tuned.

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