My first credit card? Uh oh

Hey! Today is a huge lazy day for me today. I couldn’t sleep in past 10A, aack! My buddy Neil is workin’ hard across the seas. It won’t be too long until everything is up and running back to normal again. I tweaked my site a little bit today. As if anyone really notices though. I made the darker grey part of the box, larger. I think it looks a lot better. Also, I added my calendar back and my desktop screen shot yeah! Geek!

So it’s a Saturday night and I’ve got nothing planned. However my climbing buddy Desiree invited me over to a Birthday party type thing. But I declined because I’m somewhat shy with people I don’t know so well  I also have nothing else to write in this entry…think nancy think.

I’ve been wanting to get back into the gym lately. I haven’t touched a weight, or treadmill since December! It’s sad. I just have no money anymore, paying (one) monthly bill and plane tickets are costing me.I don’t mind though. If I was even a bit motivated I’d find a way to work out at my house – haw! Yeah, right.

I applied for my first credit card on Thursday. Should be awesome. It’s not going to be a hassle with me though, I’d like to think I’m smart in that way. I’ll usually keep it in my desk drawer until I need it, and when I use it – I’ll pay it off the very next bill. Some people get totally screwed over by one of those, by putting off payments. Screw that! I’m not getting in debt from a credit card.

JOHANNA COMES HOME IN 10 DAYS!! Ohh, and I’m not one bit excited by the way.  When she comes home, we’re going to head straight to Starbucks and catch up on almost a years worth of chicktalk! Also, I have my Ian Foster Band groupie back – We can hit up the shows again!!! haha, I’m actually listening to Soul right now. How ironic hey.

Well, this is a long enough entry for today. I know some people are missing my comments ;) But you can always e-mail me!! Bye for now everybody.

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