What is this blog about?

Most of the time I have a scheduled layout of what I blog about each day.

Some may see weekly routines that I post up, but some may not. When I first started this blog a long long time ago, I didn’t have a plan or direction. But I started to settle down quickly when people kept asking me what my blog was about. So today I decided to dedicate this blog post about … well, what my blog is about!

I like to summarize it all into “food, fashion, and fitness“. Here, let me give you a clearer example of a weekly breakdown.

  • Wednesday: I like to break up wordy posts within the week so I try and do a Wordless Wednesday just including photos. [Wordless Wednesday posts]
  • Friday: My favorite day of the week! I post what I wore to work that week. It’s fun! [OOTWW posts]
  • Saturday: Weekly CrossFit workouts get posted on Saturday mornings.  [Weekly CrossFit workouts]

Then of course on the other days I post a bunch of other things like my San Diego trip, recipes I’ve enjoyed, or even product reviews.

Hope that helps my new, and even old readers out a bit! :)

Question: Why do you visit my blog each day? If you’re a new reader, how did you find my blog?


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  1. I’ve recently started to do weekly things with my blog. I find it helps me stay on track and keeps me updating. I lovee your OOTW posts. They make me want to shop.

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