I have to admit. I’m getting a little slack with coming up with OOTWW clothing. I don’t get my entire work week outfits ready on Sunday’s anymore (gasp). I often do it the night before and let me tell you, some days I feel like a kindergartener whose Mom is colorblind and dressing me. Do you know what I’m getting at because sometime I suck at explaining things. Today happens to be one of those days. 

I find that summer/spring I can easily account for. But when Fall and Winter hits, I wear a lot of dress pants which are usually dark and not so slim-fitting. Pair that with a dark shirt and a cardigan and you’ve got bulk. Not fashionable or stylish. Brown, brown and navy is what I wore on Thursday. I didn’t like it. I don’t know how to dress myself for fall without wearing skinny pants all the time. I LOVE ME SOME SKINNIES. Especially with a baggier top/sweater and some cute boots. I can’t wear that everyday. Some days I just want to wear trouser pants. But I don’t feel I’ve “got it” yet.

Friday rant is over. I went climbing last night for the third time since the gym opened. I think next week I’ll have a post up to tell you a little bit about climbing, with some awesome photos. You’ll like it, I know you will.

Also? I haven’t used my hair straightener since August. That’s not very long, but it’s long to me when I used to use it every day. Maybe I should write a blog post about that too hey?

Onto the OOTWWW:

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