Weekend recap

I had a wonderful relaxing weekend. Did you? I hope so! I take weekends off working out and while sometimes it feels like I’m missing out on working out, I quickly snap out of that silly mindset and enjoy the two days off.

First off, I booked a flight home to Newfoundland. I’m not going til the end of June but I’m so excited I had to tell everyone :)

On Saturday morning I woke up and made myself some delicious breakfast. Actually, scratch that I didn’t make it because it was pre-made in advance for the entire week. I just had to heat it up. So easy, so quick, so healthy, so paleo.

Saturday I took my Boyf to experience the fresh farmers market downtown, where we stocked up on inexpensive produce for the week. I didn’t need much this time around. Just some sweet potatoes, regular potatoes, celery, broccoli, tomatoes and strawberries. I spent less than $15 and got oodles of food.

The Boyf decided to go out on his tri bike for a few hours and get in some training outside since the weather was quite nice while I took the pup for a walk and came back home to give myself an at home mani/pedi.

Used these two colors. The berry color is from Nail Polish Canada, and the fun peach one is by Barry M which I bought on eBay last summer from the UK.

I got caught up on some of my favorite blogs while meal-prepping for the upcoming week. Is your mouth watering? Be patient :) The recipe will be posted on Wednesday morning.plate-it-up

My Boyfriend is an Ironman Triathelete and has been trying for the past 8 years for me to stop eating unhealthy (candy, soda, candy, and more candy). Since going on Paleo I’ve been very strict about not having any cheats whatsoever. There’s no easy supper’s on a lazy week night. Everything is planned, prepared and healthy. It’s funny because some nights I used to be tired and just throw a frozen pizza in the oven and call it supper. The Boyf is definitely feeling deprived of some of those lazy meals as he’s been eating the majority of what I make (with the addition of wheats/grains/carbs added in). So each Saturday night I’ve been making him some homemade blueberry muffins to satisfy his very small sweet tooth. He even suggested the need to pop by McDonalds… WITH OUT ME. We’ll see about that.

muffinsBest girlfriend of the year goes to, ahem ahem.

blueberry muffinsMan, they smelled devine coming out of the oven and I couldn’t even take a bit. Just smell, watch, and deliver a fresh one on a plate for him.

Yesterday, I went to Target again. Boy I love that place. Does anyone know when the grand opening is supposed to be? I thought it was supposed to be April-something’th but clearly I’m wrong. Anyway, that didn’t stop me from shopping the whole store. I was in there for 2½ hours and managed to spend $130. Oops? Hey, it’s stuff I “needed”.


Click to enlarge the pic if need be ;) What I bought:

  • A salmon/coral tank for climbing (on sale)
  • Gilligan & O’Mally undies ($5 – apparently the same company who makes VS undies make these too!)
  • Fieldcrest down pillow (on sale)
  • Ivory colored flats (that make my feet look even more tan) for $24.00
  • Up & Up shave gel (so much cheaper than the brand name ones)
  • Purple shower fluff thing
  • Teal colored exfoliating thing
  • Up & Up bathroom cleaner with bleach ($1.47!! Sure tilex was $3-something!)
  • Travel sized Dippity do hair gel for the Boyf
  • Up & Up rubber gloves for washing dishes
  • Up & Up disposable gloves for self tanning
  • Crest 3d White tooth paste (interested in trying this)
  • 5 travel sized deodorants (on sale – and cheaper than buying the regular sized *but not by much* which was also on sale)
  • Sqiggly straws for my nephews
  • A small locking container for my snacks
  • Up & Up “ziplock” bags
  • Up & Up disinfecting wipes

What did you do this weekend?

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