My CrossFit Journal (1 year + 2 weeks in)

Two weeks into the first year of CrossFit, here’s how I did:


day one

3 RDS:
40 Double Unders (or 120 regular skips)
20 Wall Ball (20/16)
10 Pull Up
5 Burpees
Wall balls are my most hatred workout at CrossFit or any other type of exercise. The only thing I will skip and try to cheat at and do 18 instead of 20 reps is wall balls. I don’t care if you scold me. I’d rather do thrusters and I know it’s kind of the same thing but  wall balls make me so angry. I couldn’t finish the three rounds in the 15 minutes we were allocated. I ended up getting to the third round and finishing 6 full kipping pullups before the timer went off. Shoot!


day two


10 Deadlift; 155/105lbs
15 T2B

I still can’t do handstand pushups. Especially not 5 in a row, so for the scaled version we do the basic one which is starting on your feet and leaning down with your bum in the air and go down like you would in a pushup, just diagonally. Not sure if I’m explaining it right. Oh well.

Here’s the scaled version:
10 Dive Bombers
10 Deadlifts (I did end up using 105lbs!!)
15 Toes To Bar

I ended up doing almost 5 full rounds. I was on the 5th round, and completed 10 dive bombers, 10 deadlifts and was about to start my toes to bar’s but then the timer went off.


I had originally planned to go 3 days in a row to CrossFit since I had other plans that week for things. But the third day there was a power outage on the north side of the entire city. I drove over anyway since some of the lights on certain parts of the city were actually on. Once I arrived I saw a note on the door stating that they were closed. :(

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