My CrossFit Journal (Year 1, week 15)


year 1, week 15, day one

21-15-9 with a 20min time limit

Hang Clean and Squat (135/95)
Hand Stand Push Ups (or dive bombers if you couldn’t do HSPU)

I ended up using 55lb for the first round. I tweaked my knee and went down to 35lbs. Then back up to 45lbs for the last 9. I was so excited to go do this WOD because it was my first day with my asthma inhaler! Oh well.


year 1, week 15, day two


Behind Neck Press
Strict Muscle Up / Strict Pull Up

I did the behind the neck press with a total of 35lbs at the beginning whcih I found was wobbly til I remembered to keep my chest and abs in, and my butt tight. Thanks to the coaches for reminding me to do so. I then ended up going up just five more pounds to 40lbs behind the neck press and did pretty well. It was still tough. I have weak shoulders.

30 D/U
15 G2O; 55/75lbs

I did the prescribed workout for this!! I ended up doing the Ground to Overhead with 55lbs. I only completed three full rounds and was on my fourth, but still pretty awesome.

I’m taking a break from CrossFit because on the first day of workouts (shown above) I tweaked my knee. Then on this WOD I feel like my rotator cuff in my shoulder was a bit off and sore to move immediately after. I don’t want to injure it anymore so I’m not going to do any shoulder work until it’s completely healed.

We also practiced doing double unders. So difficult!

Here are the wounds from my attempts. Needless to say I wore long-ish sleeves to work the next day.


[older crossfit journal entries]

What did everyone get up to this weekend?? It was pouring rain the entire day on Saturday. Which made a perfect day for a deep clean of the entire apartment. Mopping floors, and scrubbing baseboards. Nothing better than a lemon fresh apartment after you spent half the day cleaning ‘er right up.  The boyf helped too, which was nice – he was also easily getting distracted by looking up info on a Honeywell Barcode Scanner. Don’t ask!

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