Alfie gets another bath

Over the weekend we went to a beach in Goderich. While the Boyf was about to practice swimming before his big race — we took Alfie in the water. Whoops, apparently dogs weren’t allowed on the beach. Either way, Alfie somewhat enjoyed it. He actually swam out to me (maybe 2 feet from the shore) but still. It’s an accomplishment.

Since he was car sick and in Lake Huron and out walking on the trails, I decided to bathe him last night, and take tons of photos!!

About to launch out of the tub. Notice our new bath tiles? Aren’t they wonderful?


This is when he starts whimpering. Poor fella.

Look how tiny he is!

Drying off and ignoring the camera.

Is our dog not the most cutest little thing ever? Here he is wrapped up in a towel drying off. At first I had him in this towel, and let him roam free around the house til I noticed he was wiggling everywhere and trying to dry off more. I picked him up and re-wrapped him in this blanket, where he sat contently til he dried off. He also would NOT look at the camera. I think he was angry. I had to say “Treat?!!” for him to look at this shot above. Terrible :)

After not getting soaked by the little five pounder, I deserved some mocha ice cream. It was…yuumay.

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