All of my OOTWW (outfit of the work week) pieces have been recycled so to speak. I was feeling lazy Sunday night and didn’t want to think of any new pairings. So I went through all of my OOTWW posts, looked through the images and grabbed the outfits from months ago and paired them together for this week. I’m sure you all really care. But there ya go, sometimes I cheat like that.

Some outfits work so well together that I consider them my uniform. If I’m going out anywhere unexpected and I have no idea what to wear, I gravitate towards those type of outfits. I personally think that’s a brilliant idea myself and love having these uniforms to go to. For instance my safe outfit this winter that I’ve worn quite a bit was this outfit (see Friday) and this outfit (see Tuesday).

Want to know how I plan what I’m going to wear throughout the week? I’ve written a post back in December on how I get everything together for the week. Check it out!

Now, onto this week’s OOTWW:

Are you guys interested in seeing what I’ve been wearing to climbing and crossfit? Should I do an OOTD for those posts and include them in here each Friday as well? I don’t think I’ll be doing them for every time I go to exercise, since I feel like it’s a lot of the same outfits. Either way, I’d like to hear your thoughts and get some input!

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  1. I love Friday’s outfit! The cardi and shoes match :D

    BTW, those shoes hurt your feet? Just wondering, since EVERY SHOE I buy hurts my feet after a few hrs.

    Nancy says: I have a gimp ankle from a soccer accident a year or so ago so it irritates my right ankle when I walk on it for too long with these heels. I sit for most of the 8hour work day I put in, so it’s not that bad. I wouldn’t wear them for a day of shopping or anything though.

  2. Really liked wednesday. That top is beautiful. And kudos for the organization and outfit planning.

    As for climbing/crossfit outfits, i say go for it if you’re in the mood. I really liked the working out outfits posts, you always found great new stuff for good prices.

    Have a great weekend =]

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