Birthday Wishlist

Birthday-Wishlist-2015The image above is a picture of me at the base of famous El Capitan when I went on a climbing trip to Yosemite. I still haven’t written about our trip yet, but check back next Thursday because it will be going live on the blog then! But until now, it’s birthday wishlist time :)

Lately, I’ve been more about experiences, and not stuff. Exploring California before I take it for granted. See all the neat places, and do all the things. Though sometimes it’s nice to unwrap a couple of gifts whether or not you need them or not. I love making these sort of playful wishlists for upcoming holidays, or birthdays. My best bud is coming down to California, from Canada the day after my birthday — so I’m already saving up my pocket change to go shopping with her basically everywhere in NorCal. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the few things I’ve been eyeing at the stores. So here’s a couple of things I’ve been itching to get my hands on recently, but have refrained.


white coasters + Diptyque candle + Nike running shoes + Aveda shampoo/conditioner
Nectarine Blossom & Honey + Peony and Blush Suede (I think the latter gives me a headache lol)
Soleil tan de chanel, Cotton Wunder Under Roll Down
Prada nylon makeup bag +The Dry Bar southern belle
Bobbi Brown Beach + Bobbi Brown hand cream
MUJI gift card so I can organize the world (aka our house)

Oh to be frivolous with money. I can dream.

What things have always been on your wishlist but never bought? 

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  1. Experiences are definitely at the top of my wish list. :) I think it’s because when it comes to things, there’s always something bigger or better coming out later, so if I keep on waiting, it just gets better. lol. Also a way to trick my mind into not spending.
    suki recently posted..Eat Eureka : Brick & Fire BistroMy Profile

    1. @Connie: That prada makeup bag has been on my must-have list literally, since like 2003. Not even joking. Perhaps 2002. I saw it at the Prada outlets last summer for 50% off, and didn’t buy it. I went back in February and they had more but they weren’t the same style that I wanted (zippers didn’t open as wide) and hopefully when I go back again – it’s there, and I’ll BUY it.
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