Athletic & Organizing Updates

I have been on a bit of an organizing bindge this week. I’ve gone to Daiso and Muji and stocked up on all.the.things. Mainly organizing bins for tax paperwork, and hair products underneath the bathroom counter. Which, I’m not entirely happy about how it’s organized (the under sink cabinet). Okay side note. Why does my keyboard all of a sudden think I’m living in England, wanting to switch organizing, to the British spelling? I know I’m Canadian and all and I’ll never give up those U’s in favourite, or colour…but I cannot get rid of those Z’s and replace them with S’s (organising!? Looks funny to me).

sugar paper laContinuing with the organizing. Target has amazing planners and sugar paper LA always comes out with ridiculously cute things for the desk. I love the minimal look, with accents of pinks, whites, golds… ugh, gorgeous. Who’s with me!?

Although a homebody, all that organizing makes me feel too cooped up in the house, so I’m pretty stoked to say I’ve received some new running sneakers, after running in my same black Mizuno Wave Rider’s for 2+ years. Perhaps that’s why I have that weird bump on my shin. Scott says it could be a shin-splint, but I land “properly” (flat-foot, never heel striking) when running, so why would it be a shin-splint? Plus, I don’t pump out THAT many miles to make a bump on my shin from running.

mizunoAnyway, like I said, luckily Mizuno hooked the Mister and I up with some sweet new running sneakers that I’ve been posting about quite a bit on Instagram. I got a new pair of my favourite Mizunos (actually I’ve only ever ran in the Wave Riders, and never any other “wave”). So testing out the Wave Riders, and the Wave Sayonara was definitely a bit different although looking quite similar. Stylish sneakers in fun colours man. I tell ya.

bike gearAnd don’t forget about my biking. I really need an exercise buddy around here. I’m running mostly on my own (minus weekends), and biking on my own a lot. Then again I’m not sure I’d like a biking buddy because I don’t want to head out into traffic. I’m totally cool with biking around residential neigbourhoods at a leisurely pace, or plowin’ through some local trails.

bikingSuch a sick bike. I love looking at it. I get a ton of compliments from strangers on it too, asking me what model it is from Specialized. Swoon. Btw, it’s the Vita Comp Carbon if you’re interesting in one too!

specialized jerseyI love my get-up that I wear cycling. But I almost feel like a poser because I’m so new at it. I’m that cyclist all dressed up in fancy gear, who walks her bike across intersections. I’m afraid of cars hitting me! LOL.

But let’s be real. I’m totally following up my athletics waiting on some Canadian candy to be mailed down to me. My Mom sent a parcel a few days ago, and I totally hope there’s a lot of Big Turk chocolate bars in there, hee hee.  You better believe I’m tracking that parcel on Canada Post like it’s goin’ out of style.

This blog post is all over the place, but whatevs. How come I didn’t see this cute Madewell v-neck tee when I went to Madewell in Santana Row?! (Not an affiliate link, although it’s a super convoluted looking link). It’s cute. I wonder if I missed it while I was there?! I’ll have to go back. I think I need. Speaking of need. I also need $500 for all the Fall clothes I want, but will never buy because I can’t be spending money on such silly things.

Tell me something new in the comments.

What sneakers do you run in?

When is the last time you went biking?

Are you a fan of organizing?

Who loves TARGET?!

Back to regular beauty/lifestyle blogging tomorrow :) Happy Friday Junior. Get it? Wait. Is that a grandpa joke? Sorry. Thought I was being funny :) 

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Birthday Wishlist

Birthday-Wishlist-2015The image above is a picture of me at the base of famous El Capitan when I went on a climbing trip to Yosemite. I still haven’t written about our trip yet, but check back next Thursday because it will be going live on the blog then! But until now, it’s birthday wishlist time :)

Lately, I’ve been more about experiences, and not stuff. Exploring California before I take it for granted. See all the neat places, and do all the things. Though sometimes it’s nice to unwrap a couple of gifts whether or not you need them or not. I love making these sort of playful wishlists for upcoming holidays, or birthdays. My best bud is coming down to California, from Canada the day after my birthday — so I’m already saving up my pocket change to go shopping with her basically everywhere in NorCal. Hopefully I’ll be able to pick up the few things I’ve been eyeing at the stores. So here’s a couple of things I’ve been itching to get my hands on recently, but have refrained.


white coasters + Diptyque candle + Nike running shoes + Aveda shampoo/conditioner
Nectarine Blossom & Honey + Peony and Blush Suede (I think the latter gives me a headache lol)
Soleil tan de chanel, Cotton Wunder Under Roll Down
Prada nylon makeup bag +The Dry Bar southern belle
Bobbi Brown Beach + Bobbi Brown hand cream
MUJI gift card so I can organize the world (aka our house)

Oh to be frivolous with money. I can dream.

What things have always been on your wishlist but never bought? 

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Hello new bathroom

Master-Bathroom-revamp-headI gave you a tour of what our bathroom looked like in the past, when we get ready for our visitors, but I didn’t exactly show you what it looks like during the off-season when we don’t have guests. I love for the bedroom to be a complete sanctuary, and I would like the bathroom to somewhat replicate it, and look dreamy, and spa-like. Not too difficult to achieve, right? It’s hard to know what to do, when you don’t know where to shop. So today I’m showing you a few unique pieces I found for our bathroom recently.

Bathroom-tourConsidering we still rent, I don’t like to put too much on the walls (if any) so after a year our bathroom still has bare walls and I’m cool with that. I still think it pulls together fairly well, what do you think?


Bomb-shaped-tissue-holderAfter posting this picture on Instagram over the weekend, so many people were itching to know where the white dome-shaped tissue holder came from. It was a random eBay find for less than $7! You can buy it here. Please buy one for every family member. They come in a couple of different colours, and ugh — it’s kinda perfect. It arrived in 10 business days. I bought a few more things from eBay but you’ll have to wait until my next round of rated eBay purchases goes live.

Toothpaste-areaIf you’re wondering why there is only one toothbrush on the shelf, it’s because my husband and I are lucky enough to have two bathrooms! He uses the other one, and I get this one all to myself. The green thing to the right is a package of mints that I bought from REI of all places. Hello toothpaste is a new-to-me product that I’m currently trying out. I reached out to them and asked if I could try out their products and it arrived yesterday with 2 packages of toothpaste (one being peach mango mint, funny hey?), two breath sprays and a toothbrush. Then I have this white ceramic square tray I picked up from World Market for $1.99 and with a 20% discount too! I’m a bargain hunter at heart, I tell you. It was way cheaper than buying it for $13.99 at Muji, and I mean – it looked just like a plate to me. So I wasn’t about to pay that price (some of their stuff is over priced, but many of their products are reasonable).  Muji is a fantastic store by the way if you like organizing. It’s similar to ikea but nicer! Both the donut shaped item holding my clear toothbrush are from Muji, and finally a travel sized aesop hand cream that smells phenomenal.



Hello-Toothpaste-in-handAlright back to Hello products for a quick minute. I wanted to try them out since I knew they were naturally friendly and free of artificial colours. If I were to repurchase anything from this line, it would be the toothpaste.

Breath-spraySeriously, their packaging is adorable. This is the breath spray, and it’s just okay. You get the initial peppermint in the mouth, but if you’re looking for a strong zesty fresh feeling you’ll have to look elsewhere. I love SUPER minty but those can actually harm your teeth. These dental products are all natural and much safer for your oral hygiene.

Flowers-and-soapRanunculus flower, you are officially in my bad books. I loved the smell and look of these flowers at first, they looked like mini peonies. But these suckers wilted after three days and I had to trim them down to fit in this mini water glass because they were drooping over my vase. Sad times. On another note, does anyone keep their fancy looking hand soaps out and refill them with other cheaper soap? I bought this gardenia and white tea scented soap a while ago at TJ Maxx, but it’s been long gone, so I refill it with other liquid soap from the grocery store. Still looks fancy. Success.

Bathroom-tourWho knew a tissue holder could be so snazzy looking? So glad I found it. You can also use it for toilet paper too.



Bathroom-tour2Side note, it is so hard to photograph this bathroom without me being in it. This is one of the pictures I decided not to photoshop myself out of. :)

If you’re in San Francisco tomorrow, pop by Union Square from 11am — 4pm. Hello products will be there and you can have a chance to try their new products, peach mango mint, mojito mint, supermint and pink grapefruit mint. They’ll also be giving away friendly goodies and giving you a chance to win a $100 gift card to Target.

When is the last time you redecorated a room in your house?

Have you tried Hello products before?

What’s your favourite flower?

How often do you replace your toothbrush? 

Hello Products
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Disclaimer: I reached out to Hello products to test them out, and see if they’d like to be featured on my blog. Opinons are my own. 

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