Boyfriend fixes internets.

Man, you gotta be kidding me.

At our apartment we don’t have a working TV. When you turn it on you can hear what’s going on but the visuals is all sorts of effed up and fuzz’ed. Either way, I don’t mind because I’m not a huge TV watcher. I dislike being sucked in, but at the same time sometimes I miss just relaxing on the couch and watching junky TV. The main sources of entertainment at our household is the interwebs, and our movie room—my Boyfriend has a projector set up but I don’t know how to work it. I’m very computer illiterate when it comes to fixing computers, and internet sources.

My boyf was gone for about 2 weeks and since then we switched our internet providers. On Friday evening the internet broke. Right when a time I needed it too (to find out where I needed to go on the highway, then I needed to find out Boyf’s flight schedule for picking him up at the airport last night. Etc etc.

He came home and unplugged the router, plugged it back in and everything was fine and dandy. We have never had to unplug the router before, in the entire 5 years he’s been living there. Sure we’ve had to reset the modem but the router, no. Soooooo frustrating! hahaha…

Vroooom toot toot! That’s me, driving on the highway by the way ;)

I ended up not getting lost (again) driving to the airport last night in the pitch black. Thanks to the GPS which didn’t have the Toronto airport saved in there but I managed to fiddle with it somehow and it found it. The only problem was that I saw “Dixie Road” with an airport sign and my co-workers told me to get off at that exit. I didn’t listen because the GPS didn’t tell me anything recently, til I passed it and it said “keep right for 2km’s” and I did. I managed to make it to the freaking airport. My shoulders were tensed up the entire ride there, I guess for fear of getting lost once again. But I wasn’t afraid — I was more mad at myself from doing it last week.

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