Begging for work

I’ve been working on a new very simple layout all done in CSS for this website. However, the menu on the right side pushes the content block down…only in IE. It looks fine in Firefox. I need helllppp. Other than that I’ve been calling companies and begging for work. I have a job with the Govnernment filing stuff into boxes. It’s only a month long job, but since the Government pays incredibly well, I couldn’t possibly turn it down.

Going to head out to Toronto again tomorrow. My neighbours in Newfoundland are flying up for a conference and inviting me to stay at a rizty hotel with them. I’ll take pictures – haha.

Ooh. Once I get settled away at a full-time design position again, I’ll be buying my own domain. Having to explain the0ry with a zero to a prospective employer, just doesn’t cut it with me. Excitingggg

Umm so I have too much news and not enough motivation to keep writing it all out. So, any CSS guru’s who know how to trouble shoot with the terrible IE browser, leave a comment and I’ll get in touch with you somehow. I’m sick of this layout, c’monnnnn.

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