That’s kind of petty…

My hair stylist deleted me from his BlackBerry Messenger. That’s kind of petty, isn’t it? I noticed on Friday after scrolling through my … 6 contacts ha! I guess I pissed him off. Shame. Guess he won’t be seeing any more of ME either. Now I don’t have to feel guilty switching stylists now. His loss since he lost me, a two year client. HAHA “we broke up”.



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  1. Oh well, his loss! :-) Crossing my fingers that you can find someone better :-)

    Nancy says: I have my eye on another stylist. I’ve already booked an appointment for June! :)

  2. How do you know that he deleted you? lol – This is interesting, so many people probably deleted me from theirs! ha

    Nancy says: Oh easy. He’s just not in my BBM contact list anymore!

  3. as a relatively new bb user, I don’t even know the difference between bb messenger and regular ol’ text – !

    Nancy says: You can only “bbm” people when they have a blackberry, and it’s free. Whereas most times you have to pay say $0.10 for a text or something like that?

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