Dancing to the oldies but goodies

Yesterday was such a slow relaxing day for me at home on Sunday. I ended up sleeping through my run sesh at CrossFit—and good thing I did because when I woke up at 10:30 it was hailing out pretty bad. Funny, the hail only lasted the remainder of my run that I didn’t go on. I wonder if it went ahead? Do people run in the hail? lol

Either way, I ended up doing some laundry. I am all for saving money and recently I’ve stopped using the dryer downstairs. I’ve even gone as far as hanging towels up to dry on the drying rack here in the apartment. Makes for some scratchy towels. Eh. I’ll live.

I ended up dusting, vacuuming my car and taking it for a spin in the car wash.

Another photo of me, the day I purchased my car. Mister Snowball is so pretty!

Since I was in the cleaning mood,  I wanted to clear up the clutter that has been all over my desk lately.

It’s a throwing grounds for paper, junk, and garbage. To get in the mood I put on some music, and this time I ended up putting on some oldies but goodies. Billie Holiday, Fats Domino, and Louie Armstrong took over on my iTunes while I was doing chores. I just love that style of music, and I love Jerry Lee Louis too… all different generations, but such good music to wiggle your butt to, as you clean. Listening to music I think is so good for your health every now and then. Do you listen to music while you clean and tidy? What kinda tunes do you listen to while doing so?

I guess I probably should’ve cleaned another day, since it was 23º outside and I saw everyone wearing shorts outside. At least my windows were wide open letting some nice breeze in. I did go outside once yesterday, to get some groceries lol.

What did everyone else do this weekend? Tonight is going to be busy yet again. I’m definitely going to CrossFit but I’m taking Alfie to two obedience classes this week since we missed last week’s. No time for fun tonight! Ha!

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