Houston, we have a leak

I’m pretty messy when I do the dishes, often the water gets all over the front of me. Friday night was different and rather than getting my body splashed with water, my feet were getting wet. Surely enough I wasn’t being that foolish with my rubber gloves and sponge. I inspected and it definitely wasn’t me. The floor was wet and something was definitely leaking. We live in an apartment building so of course we have the generic dual stainless steel kitchen sink. Two sinks is KEY—I lived in an apartment once with one sink. SOO hard to get things done lol.

We have a pipe leak underneath the sink. It’s definitely annoying, but for now I’ve put down an old bowl that we don’t use anymore to catch the water. The pipe hasn’t broke, but the seal from the new plastic pipe has some how unsealed itself from the other steel—looking pipe. Now we have to put another request in to our superintendent to get our stainless steel kitchen sinks fixed. Sweet…

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