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I watch a lot of beauty gurus on YouTube and most of them happen to be from the United States.

There was a craze over this thing called Birch Box where you can sign up and pay a fee (it can be a one-time-only, or sign up for x number of months) to receive samples of beauty products sent right to your door monthly. I recall some of the samples being NARS blush products, Laura Mercier lip glosses and some other random beauty products that I’ve never heard of before. Unfortunately Birch Box was only available to Americans.

That is, until I found Loose Button! It’s basically the exact same thing but for Canadians! You have to sign up to get on a waiting list to be accepted which took all of 20 minutes to be accepted, actually. Canadians can now get involved with the Loose Button for a $9.99 monthly fee. I received my first Loose Button box today, and I can’t wait to review it all for you guys later on. I think I’ll do a video on it and post it here.

Stay tuned!

[click to enlarge]

Oh what a tease. (Hey I don’t know what’s inside this either, I only opened it this far)

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