Loose Button luxe box review

So EXCITED!!!!!! I filmed a video as soon as  I got home from CrossFit. So I apologize if I’m a bit ditzy here lol.. you get what you gets! What is that supposed to mean? I don’t know! BAM.


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  1. I just joined the waiting list!!!
    I was confused too the website says loose button but then the form you fill out says luxe box?
    Either way, i can’t wait to receive my first one :)

  2. Oh look! It says hi Nancy– dear Nancy. Cute. Don’t worry I have lots of those “moments”.

    I haven’t heard of birchbox, so I’m going to check it out! I’m glad that you found something similar for Canadians… Hope you enjoy your goodies!

  3. I think loose button is the brand but its called a “luxe box”… I am totally guessing though! I hope mine gets here tomorrow, I wonder if I will get all the same products or if it will differ! I will let you know :)

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