I just want to say one thing…

I signed up for a LinkedIn account a few days ago, with my non-website-related e-mail, my last name, real workplace, and position.  Now I’m bombarded with “internetters” finding me randomly and trying to add me. It’s not Facebook or Twitter. Not that I add (many) internet friends on Facebook, I don’t mind that some that I trust know my last name. But I kinda don’t want to add everyone. Especially if you’re in a different country and I have no plans on working there. I don’t want them knowing too much about me. Especially where I work.

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  1. Tell them that a friend of you is a lawyer with a lot of spare time and that they know they are acting illegaly. That would threaten them. It can´t be that difficult to identify their ip adresses.

  2. I never joined LinkedIn, but my friend was pressuring me to do it. I’m kind of skeptical about it, and reading your post definitely makes me think I should not join. :)

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