12 Gift Ideas for Rock Climbers


Has anyone thought about Christmas shopping yet? It’s coming! My favourite time of the year! Thought I’d put together a little wishlist for myself or those who have rock climbing friends and have no idea what to get them for Christmas.Climbers-Gift-Guide

1. Hand Grip Strength donut — Although it may not look like much, it comes in handy especially when it comes to healing finger injuries or wanting to improve your strength. With 3 resistances to choose from, your climber friend will thank you for this small, yet thoughtful gift. I have the 30lb resistance, then do reps of 10 squeezes until failure. Oh the burn!

2. Rock climbing mugs — Who doesn’t want to practice their crimp strength while chugging their morning cuppa joe? You know I had a nickname once: Crimper Queen.

3. Carabiner necklace — LOVE! A mini carabiner that is functional in the way that it locks and opens? Way too cool. Clearly not for climbing. But it’s sweet.

4. Crash Pad — Anyone who heads out to get a bouldering session in, most likely would require a crash pad to cushion a fall. And guess what? After 19 years of climbing and bouldering, I still don’t have one! Many companies make them now besides the bigger brands, and what is neat is that they can now be completely branded and customized to your own style.

5. Figure 8 bracelet — Back in High School this was all I wore on my wrists.

6. Chalk bags — What else are you going to put your chalk in?

7. Climbing tee’s — You know, to keep you warm before you start climbing.

8. Sculptures — Self explanatory, a little artwork on your walls?

9. Climbing Shoes — La Sportiva is a trusted brand of mine. The lace-up (now men’s) miura’s create a snug fit for a narrow foot, especially in the heel cup area. I’ve retired those and bought La Sportiva women’s velcro Katana’s. Not as aggressive, but still can do a mean heel hook and not slip off. Their rubber is impeccable too.

10. Harness — I’m due for a harness upgrade. Thinking keeping with my theme and going for the always reliable Arc’teryx.

11.Chalk — Check out Friction Labs, especially the Unicorn Dust. You don’t have to chalk up as often, take that from me. I’ve been using it since the summer.

12. Mini rope keychain — Adorable, another must have. I’m’ eventually going to buy this for myself.

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  1. Lately a lot of my relatives have decided to take up outdoor activities, some rock climbing. Thanks for the list, as an outdoor phobe I really had no idea what to give them. I’ll definitely use this as reference.

  2. Lately a lot of my relatives have been getting into hobbies such as rock climbing. I’m glad this lists exists, now I, a complete outdoor phobe, can do some serious Xmas shopping. Thank you!

  3. I don’t know any rock climbers, but maybe I should take it up myself. Then I’d have an excuse to gift myself with all of these. Especially that mug!

  4. Ok, when I come and hang out with you please teach me how to rock climb?!! I did a bit when I was at school, but I wasn’t the best at it because I have long nails!

    Katie <3

  5. I have a couple of climbing friends and because I don’t do it I don’t have the first clue what to get them so this is awesome – thanks!

  6. I am so in love with this post!! All of these gifts are so so perfect for rock climbers! I love the caribiner necklace and the mini rope keychain, too cute!

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