What I’m Wearing: Weekend edition



Weekend-OOTD2These photos were taken last weekend the day after I had a few friends over for coffee and croissants. It was a much needed relaxing day, sipping my coffee from the new Nescafe machine we received for review. I love those days, where nothing is on the agenda and The Guy and I can hang out and do whatever you please. Even though I don’t have a full time day job, and can wear whatever I like when I like — I still like to kick back and relax on a weekend and put on my comfy clothes.

Here I am wearing my incredibly long lounge tee that I bought last year at Anthropologie. In hind sight, I really should have picked up another in a different colour despite the forty dollar price tag since I wear it so much. I thought I’d tell you guys about the new jeans I scored at Forever 21 for twenty four bucks a few weeks ago (I can’t find the exact pair but these are similar, although a few bucks more). This was the first time I had bought a pair of jeans that were pre-destroyed. Something I always thought was ridiculous, since you’re only going to get little wear our of them as they’re already broken in. Whatever, I love them man. They’re comfortable but require a belt. The size that was smaller down was too tight on my thighs, weird. Does that mean I’m enlarging? Lol. Hope not.

I really miss doing my weekly outfits of the work week! I should add this in as a weekly occurrence, whether it be one outfit, or many. What do you think?

What I’m Wearing:
Dior Shock nail polish, Anthropologie top

Forever 21 jeans, American Eagle belt, Starbucks mug

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