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 Whenever I head home to Newfoundland to visit my family and spend time with my two littlest nephews who are now 5 and 4, we always plan an adventure. They always look forward to this because hello, they’re boys and they love to explore and get dirty.

I don’t have kids myself, as you all know. But people have always told me that I’m such a kid at heart as I remember a lot of the more fun things. When I flew home back for thanksgiving my little nephews and I went for a walk and they saw a muddy rock pile probably six feet tall.That must’ve been a mountain compared to them. They asked me if they could climb to the top of it, and I said sure why not! I was wearing old clothes too, so I went up there with them pretending it was a huge ordeal as well. We went searching for gold in this dirt mound and when we were done we slid down to the bottom back to where the trail was.

It’s always heart breaking to get a phone call from Kelan on my cell phone asking when I’m flying down next to visit him as he misses me. He’s, the oldest and is now 5. He has a sweet tooth just like me, and another great memory I’ve created with him was stealing cookies from the cookie jar before supper was served, tip-toeing past my Mom cooking in the kitchen, and racing to hide underneath the dining room table to nibble on an oreo or two. Those are the memories worth creating, and those are the memories that they’re going to remember with their ‘Ancy Nancy’ the fun aunt.

To all of the parents, aunts or uncles out there—I challenge you to the It All Starts with Yes Challenge. Make your schedule free for your children. Did you know that although 98%* of Moms would like to spend more time together with their families and over have (at 64%!)*  regularly say no to their children’s request for family time? It makes sense with everyone’s busy schedules.

It’s time to say yes! Put down your smart phones and tables, stop working in the evenings and say yes to hanging out and spending quality time with your kids and family. Create those wonderful memories.With the help of Procter & Gamble’s Family Care brands – Bounty®, Charmin®, and Puffs® – along with Tide® and Mr. Clean®, invite you to take the It All Starts with Yes Challenge, and share the wonderful memories you create.

One of you lucky folks out there will receive a Yes Kit filled with Tide® original liquid laundry detergent, a Mr. Clean® Magic Eraser, box of Puffs® facial tissue, Charmin® Freshmates, Bountry® paper towel, and  adult and child-size aprons,  along with ideas to create more fun-filled family moments.

Me modeling the adult apron.

This package is valued at $50.00. Enter away in the raffle below and I’ll pick a lucky winner on February 15, 2012

I still have tons of fantastic memories that make me smile from when I was a kid. The first house that I lived in, had a rail road track on the other side of our back yard. I couldn’t have been more than 4 years old and I remember sitting up on my Dad’s shoulders watching the train go by and waving to the conductor. This was an extra special memory to me as the trains in Newfoundland officially stopped running shortly there after. Another one was when I was getting potty-trained, and I don’t have a huge recollection of this, but I just remember my Dad making it fun for us to go to the bathroom. He picked me up and pretended I was an airplane, running up the stairs with me in his arms.

What are some of your favorite memories, whether they’re flashbacks to when you were a child, or your favorite memories as of recently with younger ones?

*Statistics given to me by Lindsey from MSL Group.

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  1. Such great pics! You look like such a fun mom. :)

    Nancy says: Psst. I’m not a mom… did you read the first sentence of the 2nd paragraph? :( lol

  2. I’d love to win this! Procter & Gamble products are always used in our household. Thanks for the fabulous giveaway.

  3. Such cute pictures! My favorite memories as a child are.playing baseball, kickball and football in our backyard with my dad, brother and neighborhood kids.

  4. My favorite memories are of going to the beach with the kids and having a fire and roasting marshmallows and wieners. I can’t wait until the summer to go again!

    Btw, you are beautiful!!!

  5. You have such great memories. Hopefully your nephews will get to see you soon. BTW, I luv Proctor and Gamble products and use them all the time.

  6. My best memories are of visiting with my grandpop during the summer. He kept animals and I loved riding the horses and going out in the fishing boat.

  7. Oh I used to just love playing in the mud when I was a little girl! Those are some very fond childhood memories of mine.

  8. Great pictures! :) When my cousin comes to visit me in Newfoundland (she lives in Nova Scotia) I always try and plan one evening or if possible one full day of just the two of us doing whatever she wants to do. Sometimes we will have a sleepover and paint each others nails and watch the Family channel or movies and then we make french toast for breakfast.

    My favorite time was when we had a sleepover and we made Halloween decorations from construction paper for our grandparents to hang in their room in the Seniors home where they live. I hadn’t done that in so long and it was so much fun to see the creativity of what we could make.

    Nancy says: Johanna!!! How are you? I didn’t realize you still read my blog. <3 and miss you!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Going to my grandma’s house! It was the only place we were allowed to have sweets or “junk food” and we generally got away with murder there. Haha!

  10. My fondest memory as a child was playing in the park with my cousins, there was a bubblegum blowing contest once. My cousin won the biggest bubble lol.

  11. My best memories are of my sister and myself spending the day walking the beach,we would catch some caplin and lite a fire to roast them,the best caplin I ever ate

  12. my favourite memory is my dad having small talks with me -when i was a pre teen(as he pased away when i was 15)-thank you for this contest

  13. I’m from Newfoundland! Currently living in St. John’s but originally the Burin Peninsula. So nice to hear when people love coming home. Every place has their good and bad points but the family orientation of Newfies is something I truly cherish.

  14. As a child, some of my greatest memories are of doing craft projects with my Mom and we still love doing DIY and craft projects together!

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