But I really have to pee!

Picture this. You’ve noticed that you let your nails and cuticles get a little wild and out of hand (I love a good pun), so you’ve decided to give yourself an at home manicure on a chill weekend afternoon.

Seems easy enough, right?

Well, maybe for you. But it never fails, whenever my nails seem to be wet and I’m trying ever so hard to get them to dry faster I either have an itch where I need my nails, or I have to go pee. Dilemma. Why didn’t I remember to wear my stretchy pants and where is a piece of sandpaper where I can rub my face on to scratch my itch?

Don’t fret, Sally Hansen to the rescue! Was that cheesy? Sorry.dry-and-go-drops

Honestly though, whomever invented quick drying drops whether it be from Seche Vite, or Sally Hansen — I freaking love them.

The Sally Hansen one’s aren’t a brush that you apply over top of your polish to try them. They’re actually in a little bottle with an eye dropper that you squeeze onto your nail.dry-and-go

One drop will do, per nail and you can go on your merry little way in as little as 60 seconds. Yes!Sally-Hansen-dry-and-go

Have you seen them in stores yet? You can buy it now. It retails for $8.95 and is available at select drug and mass retailers across Canada.

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  1. I use the sally hansen with the red bottle and i love it so much… It’s a top coat and quick dry. But this one is maybe better? What do you think?

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