Nailed it!

I’ve nailed it with my top five nail polishes for spring, for both fingers and toes!


5-spring-nail-polishes 1. YSL Rose Scabiosa // 2. Dior Bloom // 3. Dior Bouquet // 4. Barry M Peach Melba // 5. Sally Hansen Pink Slip

Brucci-and-Dior-Gel-CoatFor nail hardener and top coat I’ve been using with 100% thanks to Jessica who introduced me to both these nail products. Brucci nail hardener is what I have on, in the photo with my hand, along with the Dior gel coat on top which is just as shiny as shellac nail polish is. Tip is to apply just one coat of Dior the day I use a polish, and apply another coat a few days later for added shine. It stays on incredible well without chipping, almost like a shellac but can be removed easily with nail polish remover.

How often do you wear nail polish?

Disclosure: YSL Rose Scabiosa, Dior Bloom & Dior Bouquet were supplied to me by the PR companies. The rest of the polishes were either bought or gifted to me.

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Neutrals for Fall

Between my facial yesterday and my manicure today, all done at home — I’d say I’m doing pretty well don’t you think? All ready to start fresh tomorrow on Monday morning.

I go in between stages of having my nails manically manicured from week-to-week to going a month or two with cutting them as short as they can go and have them rough and ragged looking.

Just like my palms (this is what they look like on good day). Go ahead and call me man-hands. An ex-boyfriend of mine used to call me lizard-hands. Stung the ego a bit I have no complaints. It just means I have strong hands yet dry and scaley. I’ve come to the fact that I’ll never have dainty little girly soft hands.scaley-hands

I’ve been told a number of times that my secondary muscles are stronger than my primary ones. For instance, a few years ago I couldn’t do a strict pull up on a bar. Translation: my fingers are stronger than my forearms/biceps. I could pop out 7 chin ups on the door frame. It was my party trick.

Video for proof (from many years ago):

Thanks to CrossFit I can now do it both ways. Strict pull ups and chinups on door frames.

I always have a hand cream readily available for applying on my hands countless times in the day. My hands just won’t keep in the moisture. So sometimes I like to sit down and pamper myself with an at-home mani.

My favorite nail polish? Hands down (ha…) Sally Hansen polish.  I just love the polish quality and the brush is such a great shape which you can purchase on Nail Polish Canada. I’m not really one for stand-out nail polish on my fingers as I reserve that for my sandal wearing sporting a nice tan to show off the lil piggies.

I had all the tools ready.


Soaked my hands in some warm water with soap


and polished my fingers with some pale neutral pink. I think it’s time to soon retire this polish. Half way gone!sally-hansen-pink-slipAll cleaned up with a coat of

I used the Seche vite top coat. I have a love-hate relationship with this product. I get it at Sally’s Beauty for ten bucks or so. It makes your nails dry pretty much instantly… well, within 60 seconds.  But it gets soo goopy after half the bottle is used up.

How often do you paint your nails?

Do you get manicures/pedicures often?

Ever thought of buying nail polishes online? You can get some great brands for cheaper on Nail Polish Canada’s site. For isntance, china glaze is $6.95 over there! Nail Polish Canada is actually in the running to be named the best e-tailer in Canada from the Canada Post’s e-commerce awards. They’re even competing with Walmart! But I think it’d be more fun for an actual Canadian store to win as opposed to Walmart (no office Walmart).

To encourage people to vote they’re giving away DAILY prizes which consists of nail polish and beauty products. Plus. some grand prizes. You can vote every day til your little heart desires from now until September 20. You must record your vote to enter & win at Nail Polish Canada’s vote page here.

Bonus.  If wins Consumer Champion then they’re having a huge giveaway with two winners!  // Grand Prize #1: 24 bottles of Enchanted Nail Polish // Grand Prize #2: $1000 shopping spree at Nail Polish Canada.  Prizes are only open to Canadian and U.S. residents. See for full details.

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Last minute Mother’s Day Gifts


If you’re anything like me this year and feeling a little ill prepared for Mother’s Day gifts and the guilt has finally caught up with you, fret not! I have two very simple, very easy solutions for you. Even though I should’ve been prepared since I did a Mother’s Day Gift Guide a while back.

Part one. Have a local Sephora around you? The mall is still open. Drive there right now and pick up a Philosophy gift set.Philosophy-living-grace

It’s one of my “go-to” gifts for every one of my friends/family members. Philosophy can do no wrong in my books. Personally I like all of the scents that either have to do with regular perfume scents (like the Living Grace). Or, one of my favorites is the Margarita scented item. I’m not fond of any scents that remind me of food, but they sure do a good job at making it look cute, regardless if I dislike it or not.grace-set

Philosophy’s Living Grace set is a Mother’s Day limited edition “try me” set that you can pick up for $45 (I do realize it says $35 on the box).  Philosophy-Grace

This set contains:
– 4 oz Shampoo, Bath & Shower Gel
– 4 oz Firming Body Emulsion
– 0.5 oz Eau de Toilette

It’s quite a clean scent, and perfectly me. Which I’m going to keep since it’s a little too late to give away to my Momma ;) The notes in the fragrances are fresh neroli, lily of the valley, and warm musk. I swear you can’t smell anything musky.

To go along with that maybe you can treat her to a mani/pedi session at your local salon or at home? I will not touch anyone elses feet. Just a thing I have. I won’t do it. So for me, I’d treat my Mom to a pedicure and supply her with these three gorgeous shades of summery pastel colors from Sally Hansen.Sally-Hansen-PolishesNail polishes shown: Barracuda, Arm Candy, Pink a Card.

My Mom doesn’t wear much mascara but perhaps yours does. This new mascara by Rimmel London Scandaleyes Show Off is something I’ve never used before. I’ve been taking a break from my holy grail mascara (Make Up For Ever Smokey Lash) and I’ve been using L’Oreal Volume Million Lashes which I’ve been enjoying. I decided to test the Rimmel one out this week. rimmel-scandaleyes-show-off

You can see that there’s a little ball at the end of the plastic mascara wand to get every tiny lash you have. The only issue I have with the mascara is that when taking the wand out of the capsule, there’s still mascara at the end, so you’ll have to clean it up. So far, I haven’t had any issues with clumping or not going on too sparse. rimmel-scandaleyes-showoff 

Before/After using Rimmel London:eyeballs-with-mascara

Or perhaps you live nowhere near your Mother? I’m a three hour plane ride away. I do get to see her at the end of June, but Mother’s Day doesn’t get postponed by the weather. It happens. The second Sunday of May, always. How do I know that off hand? It’s because I know for a fact I never had to share my Birthday with Mother’s Day since my birthday is the 7th of May. Just a random tidbit there for you all. I don’t send my Mom flowers all that often, so I thought it would be the perfect time to surprise her with a nice floral bouquet from a flower studio back home who luckily had a site where I could order online.

The online version.

Holland Nurseries

What she received.flower1

They were delivered to my parents house this morning bright and early, and yes she was surprised. Score.

What have you planned for your mom this Mother’s Day? Or perhaps this is your very first Mother’s Day as a mom yourself? What do you want? :)

Where to buy:

Philosophy Living Grace Set
Price: $45

Availability: Sephora and The Bay

Rimmel London Scandeleyes Show Off
Price: $7.99
Availability: Select drug and mass retailers across Canada

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure nail polish
Price: $8.95

Availability: Select drug and mass retailers across Canada

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