All is right with Moukisac

(I made this super tiny, as I was pretty sweaty after just coming back from the gym)

I had such a nice chat over a few e-mails with the Vancouver based, owner and designer of when I first came contacted the company to do a review on my website. I think it’s fantastic how the internet is one huge networking place where you can meet some of the most kind hearted people. Funny how you feel you know the person somewhat well after just a few casual e-mails thrown back and forth.logo

I wanted to mention how annoyed I get when I forget to bring my reusable (plastic) bags, back to the grocery store with me, and I thought it was time to invest in some reusable bags that will withstand more than two trips back, without ripping apart. Not to mention the fact that I used to pay five cents each time I went to a store to pick up groceries. That and the fact that it’s terrible on the environment.

Stumbling upon Moukisac’s website only a short time ago and thought they were pretty pleasing to the eye, rather than using plain grey (again, plastic) bags that tear and rip if you hold them the wrong way. I was intrigued to read that Moukisac has 4 little mesh bags inside that I can use at the grocery store, instead of using the plastic produce bags for my fruits and veggies.

It looks like such a high quality product that is affordable, and stylish. Moukisac bags are perfect on the environment. It’s something that you can always keep in the trunk of your car and pull out at a moments need, but it’s so compact that you can store a couple in your purse if you just happen to be taking the walking route. I mean, check out the 45 second video on their website on how it can be used in a variety of ways. Verrrry neat.

Like I mentioned, Moukisac’s reusable bags are much different than the average. They come packaged up like you see above (folded over with velcro) and inside you’ll find a very light weight mesh bags. You know those tiny produce bags at the grocery store? Those are wasteful too! Try not to use them, or use Moukisac’s reusable ones with a dual draw string to keep your produce closed. You can have the bag clip onto you like a fanny pack (or a geek-pack as my boyfriend called it when he saw me try it on). Which made me feel vulnerable! So, you’re not going to see any photos of me wearing it on my side. I suppose it could be used as a purse too though, slung over one shoulder. But it was so convenient having it and not  searching for those plastic bags (because they’re always empty at my store!). I was too shy to ask the  Boyf to take a picture of me using these inside the store, so I decided to at least show you what I bought at the grocery store the other night while using these moukisacs.

Half unfolded

Fully unfolded

My food — all in there!

All in one easy pouch! Really neat huh?

I can’t begin to fathom the effect this would have on the environment if each and every person uses not just Moukisac bags, but any reusable bags. Imagine how many less disposable bags will be found in landfills and dumps! How many animals would be saved because of us making the RIGHT choices.

That one above, is mine. Moukisac is made with nylon which will last us a super duper long time! I currently have the new color Golden Sunshine, so bright, and springy. There are 11 different colors to choose from actually, which is pretty fun. So much more different than all the black ones you see everyone carrying around.

Try to minimize the amount of plastic bags that you use, especially for produce at the grocery store!

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  1. I have two re-usable bags called “Ecobags”. They are made with recyclable materials, but they aren’t multi-function like those. They are very cool. Genious stuff really.

    PS: Great tank top. I’m such a sucker for adidas stuff! And i love blue!

  2. You are too cute!! (Can you tell I am a sucker for photos!!) I agree about resuable bags we always take ours with us…it is the easiest thing in the world to do! :)

  3. That is the cutest idea ever, I love the little bags inside. I always forget my reusable bags, and don’t remember until I get to the cash! They are actually totally banning plastic bags here in my city on September 1st, so maybe I’ll have to buy a moukisac to bring with me :)

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