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It’s difficult moving to a new city and finding a new hair stylist, don’t you think?

I’ve only had one great stylist in my lifetime and it was for a mere two years or less. Unfortunately for me, he disappeared into thin air one day and I was stuck going to the owner of the salon. He didn’t do a fantastic job on me, and ended up always cutting off more than I could handle. He didn’t get tipped very well, let me tell you.

I moved to Ontario and ended up going to the dreaded First Choice Hair Cutters for the first little while. The split ends were non-stop. Do. Not Recommend.

Finally, a new salon opened up in walking distance of our apartment building and I’ve been going to this guy ever since. Except there’s a few things that are bothersome when I go there. Let me organize a pretty little list for you.

  1. He pushes products on me. I’ve talked about this before.
  2. He always wants to wash my hair. (I only accept “head massages” if they’re good. He’s not good. Plus, it costs extra for a shampoo!)
  3. He straightens the heck out of my already flat, straight hair. I always end up putting my hair in a pony tail straight after I come out of the salon.

I keep going back, because I don’t have to go to his salon that often. He cuts my hair so great that I end up going to him once every 4 or 5 months! I’m only now showing signs of minor split ends and I can’t even recall when my last cut was. November? I don’t remember!

I booked an appointment in early February, for late March. This was the length of my hair before I went in. Beautiful, no? Okay, maybe it was a bit ratty looking. No hate.

beforeExcept when I re-booked for March. He ended up canceling on me.A way out!” I thought. So I jumped the gun and ended up leaving a voice mail for Mister Hair cutter himself, and canceling my re-booked appointment with him, and WENT TO ANOTHER SALON. Oh the shock, and horror.

So. I went to the top hair stylist in the salon, as they were listed on their website

  • New Talent (no thanks. Don’t need newbies screwing up my hair)
  • Advanced
  • Master – I went to this fabulous man named Dan.

He cut my hair. I had the best scalp massage I have had in years. I got a hand massage and also some products to take home.

before-after-haircut(Please! Click to enlarge.)

Here’s the before and afters right next to one another. Hot dang. It looks gooooood. I’m not afraid to compliment myself.

I’m pleased, no doubt. I mean, I straighten + blow dry my hair every day. So it says something about his scissor skills. Right?


I’m not sure how long I want my hair to be. I like the length that it is now, but my ‘bangs’ (I quote, because I haven’t had bangs since 8th grade) still isn’t the same length as the rest of my hair. Perhaps I’ll be done with the length as it is, and just grow my ‘bangs’ (or layers, whatever they are) out and I’ll be set. I think I love this length on me. I haven’t dyed my hair in over a year now and not professionally since 2008! Primarily I want to see what my natural hair color is like for a little while before I go gray. But I want to try something wild again! And since I’ve found a new stylist (because the other guy I went to didn’t “do” crazy colors lol), my new stylist can maybe do that for me!after-haircut-smile

flashClearly, I love it. Oh, and my hair isn’t really that like — I don’t think. It’s the flash that made it red/brown.

In order for them to do something crazy on me, I’ll have to start from scratch again and they’ll have to work to get my trust in dying my hair. I haven’t dyed my hair in about a year and a half just so I could see what shade my natural hair color was. Oh the circle of life…

hairI just had to take another one. He curled my hair just using a round brush. This one shows it really well. EEEE!!! Ignore my ugly chair and dirty desk, I was catching up on some google-reader reads.

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  1. Beautiful! I love it! Those kind of curls look great on you. I wish I could get my hair to look that polished. What kind of product is in it?

  2. Aw yay glad you found a good guy!I havent cut my hair since i was 10/11 years old :X haha Ive been thinking about a trim lately BUT anywhere around here has shitty people who take off way more than you want and i dont want to deal with that haha

  3. wow that difference is amazing. I’m glad you found someone you like.
    I go to the same place I’ve been going for years. It’s a salon my sisters godmothers sister owns and she is pricey but does an amazing job so I go maybe once or twice a year.

  4. Your hair looks amazing!! I am glad that despite all of the horrors you had getting there, that you got exactly what you wanted. I know what it is like to move to a new place and have to leave behind your stylist. I went through the same torture moving to Maine for college and had a bad run-in with a Mastercuts up there. Yikess.

  5. Absolutely LOVE IT! :) I love the very loose curls that he put in, gives your hair a very nice shape. If you do end up putting colour in, what do you think you will do this time? I need to colour my hair again soon, it has been 4 or 5 years and I know my natural colour, but every day I find a few more grey hairs. :P

    Love the cut and I am so happy for you that you have found someone that you can feel comfortable with to do your hair. :)

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