Me: Circa 03/2005

I’m going in for a hair cut at 6PM this afternoon. But orangeI am seriously considering doing this to my hair again. I remember telling my friend who was also a hair stylist that I wanted something that would catch people’s eye when I was climbing in an indoor rock climbing competition. He asked me my opinion on “green” or maybe it was “red” hair color. I said “YUCK!!” and he then suggested orange and yellow, to which I agreed. lol. He wouldn’t let me look at my hair at all, during the long hours of processing my hair.

I have to say that when I ended up seeing it, I was in a little bit of shock as I consider myself conservative in the ways of hair styling, and well — everything else really!


rockfall05-02At first I thought it was “too out there”. I got a lot of glares, smiles and “oh wow — cool!!” It definitely made me come out of my shell and try new things with my hair. The picture below is me flipping my top layer of hair away (it was dark) so it was pretty subtle the orange peaking through underneath. But when you lifted up that hair. BAM ORANGE.

Pretty intense yeah?


I even remember strangers (!!!) coming up to me and asking if I had clip in extensions because the colors were so vibrant in my hair. (Thanks to Aveda’s Color Conserve) It seriously didn’t even fade, it grew out.

It definitely caught people’s attention, especially at the climbing competition, (maybe it was the red pants, too? haha) because I ended up making the front page of the newspaper that year. NUTS!

Unfortunately now for the last 3 years that I’ve been living in Ontario, I have yet to find a hair stylist that I trust, dying my hair. I found one that I like to cut it but he doesn’t do crazy colors at his salon. So, I think I may go elsewhere for the color, and I’ve even gotten a few recommendations for one salon that is a 4 minute walk from my place, rather than a 15 minute one. I love living in city centre!

Maybe I’ll do this after my B.C. trip in September?

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  1. I was going to ask the same question as Chelsea, what does your job think about it? I guess since you don’t work right up front with customers it may not be an issue. I know since I’m front desk if I did something that neat, my boss would shit bricks LOL. It really is “POW ORANGE” when you flip it over though!

    p.s. BC, uhhh yeah! Only the best place to be ;)

  2. I confronted my boss (and the ceo as well!) about two years ago when I had initially started here but never did it. My boss is awesome and crazy as I am with colors, so she’s all for it. I brought it up to her again a few weeks ago and said “I thought you were going to do that a few years ago and you never did! I can’t wait til you do it again” type deal. How awesome is that??? :)

  3. Hi Nancy, I just had to comment to say I loooove your hair like that and really think you should have it done again. It looks fab, plus you’re only young once, do it while you can! :)_

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