One of the 7 deadly sins…

I bought my plane ticket home for Christmas a little over two weeks ago. Not long after I used up my two weeks vacation, does my boyfriend come to me and say he’s going to ITALY. Guess you can say that I’m a little jealous right now, and perhaps wishing I could go with him? Yeah. He’s part of Team Canada in the World Championships for Duathlon. He received all of his Team Canada clothing in the mail all this week, and it looks really professional and super great on him. Seeing how I couldn’t go with him because I don’t have the funds, nor the vacation days to hop on a plane with him to see him compete… in ITALY (sigh!), I told him I wanted some presents. hehe. Italy is like one of the main places I want to visit before I die lol. Italy, Greece, definitely Paris just to see the Eiffel Tower and definitely Singapore … I could go on. But ITALY. I need not be jealous. It’s not healthy lol.

Soooo anyway. I leave you with some photos that were taken last weekend at the half Ironman race. Yippee!

Swim 1.2 miles
Bike 56 miles
Run 13.1 miles


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